12 Fairytale Expectations Of Love vs The Reality Of Life (*Sob*)

12 Fairytale Expectations Of Love vs The Reality Of Life (*Sob*)
You know those daydreams...where you and your one true love live a life full of smiles and shampoo ad-worthy hair while an Arijit Singh song plays in the background? Spoiler alert: reality tends to be a tad different. THIS is what our dreams and their corresponding realities mostly look like...

1. In your daydream, he hugs you tight when you tell him about your troubles at work.

IRL, he just says "Hmmm, just forget it." Or worse - gives you actual advice.

2. In the fairytale version, you spend the night rolling around on the bed, twirling your hair and talking through the night.

In reality, you decide to talk the next day because you have to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode.

2 expectation vs reality

3. In your fantasy, when you are travelling abroad, he will come to surprise you at the airport and run to the immigration line like in the movies to say something sweet and romantic and kiss you.

In reality, you would not recommend anyone run in airports - where security personnel are already on edge.

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4. In your fairytale, you see yourself and your guy holding hands and walking on the streets.

IRL, it's sooo hot and he does not like PDA.

4 expectation vs reality

5. If you were in a fairytale, you would spend your vacations lounging in an infinity pool.

In real life, you actually go on economical backpacking holidays.

6. In a fantasy world, you guys have sex often and you show up at his house at night to surprise him wearing something sexy.

When it comes to the real world, unfortunately, you feel very tired after work and you don't really feel safe travelling at night.

6 expectation vs reality

7. You have often daydreamt about cooking a romantic meal for him.

IRL, you accept you might just end up ruining all your vessels.

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8. In your fantasy, you guys have spontaneous sex on the kitchen counter.

In reality, you have a flatmate and doing it in a common area makes you feel icky.

8 expectation vs reality

9. In a fairytale, you smile when he tries to reassure you when you are having a hard time.

IRL, if you are PMSing, he tends to be a bit scared of you.

10. In your daydream, he does a Love Actually and tells you that you’re perfect in a very romantic way - and you swoon.

In real life, he pulls your leg mercilessly and you would burst out laughing if he did that grand gesture anyway.

10 expectation vs reality

11. If you are single, in your fantasy, you expect the guy next to you on the plane to be a good-looking man with whom you will have flirtatious banter.

IRL, you have never, ever had a handsome co-passenger.

12. In a fantasy world, you would meet the eyes of a cute guy at the pub. He would approach you and dance with you...

In real life, you would reject him because you don't know if he is a creepy serial killer.

But don’t lose heart! Here's hoping that the reality of life can at other times be better than the fairytale expectations we have!

12 expectation vs reality

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