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Your Ultimate Guide To Applying Liquid Eyeliner *Perfectly*!

Your Ultimate Guide To Applying Liquid Eyeliner *Perfectly*!
Intensely dark and pigmented with a super sleek, crisp finish...nothing can quite compare to a perfectly applied liquid liner look. But nothing can intimidate a girl more either! If you’re too scared to try an inky liner and always end up reaching for the much simpler pencil ones, you definitely need to read this. Here are some important things about using liquid liner every girl worth her flawless cat eyes should know. These liquid eyeliner tips and tricks will help you master those sultry wings in no time and give you your best eye makeup looks yet!

1. Practice Really Does Make Perfect

1 liquid eyeliner tips and tricks Don’t expect a perfect line the first time you pick up a liquid liner bottle, the reality will be far from it actually. Unlike with pencils (which you can easily rub off if you make a mistake or just smudge for a smoky look), a liquid liner error will require some makeup remover to take off and you’ll have to start again. We’re not going to lie, it can be super frustrating, but with practice you should be drawing steady, gorgeous lines in half the time. Also read: 12 *Different* Ways To Wear Your Basic Black Eyeliner!

2. You Need To Allow It To Dry

You’ve nailed those pretty flicks, which is an achievement in itself - now don’t go and ruin the look by allowing it to smudge on your lids. You gotta let it dry, so leave your eyes closed for at least 30 seconds after you finish application to ensure it won’t smudge.

3. Be Prepared For Some Messiness

3 liquid eyeliner tips and tricks You don’t want to remove excess product from the bottle or tube as that’s just going to create blobs and puddles on your lid. So be careful - using a felt tip liner is easier. Also, don’t even think of picking up your liquid liner without arming yourself with Q-tips. This way, you can go into damage control mode stat. Dip a Q-tip in makeup remover and wipe away any errors, thin out a too-thick line or fix a winged tip, without having to take off the entire thing and start from scratch.

4. Prime Your Lids First

It’s okay if you don’t want to buy an eye makeup primer, just use some concealer on your lids before you begin. This will help keep the liner in place for long hours as well as prevent your lids from getting greasy.

5. Think About Your Tools And Formula

5 liquid eyeliner tips and tricks Felt-tip liners dispense the right amount of product and are easier to use for precise lines and a more controlled application. A fine-tip brush is more challenging as it is flimsier, can pick up more product and can be more prone to smudging. The formula in a felt-tip is thinner, hence will dry sooner and it is less prone to smudging, which is even more perfect for someone who blinks too much.

6. Always, Always Line In One Direction

Drag your liner outwards, from the inner corners to the outer corners for a smooth line. Don’t go back and forth as that will create bumps and a messy line. It’s also easier to retrace lines and build thickness while maintaining a smooth line if you draw in one direction. Also read: 9 Eyeliner Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Dreamy Cat Eyes!

7. Lock It With Powder

7 liquid eyeliner tips and tricks Once you’re happy with your eyeliner shape, seal it with powder to make it indestructible. Apply powdered eyeshadow in the same colour on top of your line using a brush to ensure that it won’t budge even after hours and even if you sweat.

8. NOT On Your Waterline

Girls, never use your liquid liner on your waterline, it can sting your eyes and seriously make them water. No one wants to deal with black, tear-stained cheeks! Plus, it can look harsh and the liner can spread into your eyes, which is definitely not a good thing.

9. Make It Thicker In The Centre

9 liquid eyeliner tips and tricks Line your lids as close to your lashline as possible and remember this simple tip – make it slightly thicker in the middle of your lid. This simple trick makes your eyes look more awake and bigger, while giving them a pretty almond-shape.

10. Don’t Rush It!

Haven’t you ever noticed that you somehow always mess up your liner when you’re in a hurry? If you’re a liquid liner newbie, don’t even think about it if you’re getting ready in a rush. Stick to pencils unless you can spend some time applying it carefully. If you rush through it, there are way higher chances of messing it up and making you panic. The more relaxed and chilled you are, the better your results will be. Good luck, ladies! Images: Shutterstock