9 Lipstick Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making!!

9 Lipstick Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making!!
The right lipstick can work wonders for every girl. Whether it is an iconic red or an off-beat purple, we love them all. But did you know that there are certain lipstick mistakes that almost every girl is guilty of making? Here are the lipstick mistakes holding you back from a seriously fabulous pucker. We give you the right lipstick tips that will help you achieve a flawless pout correctly - every time!

Mistake #1: Not exfoliating your lips

Just like your skin, your lips need to be exfoliated too. Before applying lipstick, exfoliate your lips gently with a lip exfoliator or even Vaseline on a toothbrush. This will ensure that your lips are crack-free and not dry, which in turn helps lipstick last longer. Exfoliating your lips will also make sure that your lipstick doesn’t settle into the fine lines.
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Mistake #2: Not priming before applying lipstick

2 lipstick mistakes

A lip primer ensures tat the lip colour stays in place and your lips remain smooth and hydrated. Not a lot of girls use a lip primer, but it is a makeup product worth investing in. Not only will it stop your lipstick from bleeding, you will also notice that it lasts for much longer.

Mistake #3: Starting from the corner of your lips

Ideally, you should start applying lipstick from the centre of your lips instead of the corner. Start from the centre and move towards the corners of your mouth for better precision. Purse your lips gently after you’re done.

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Mistake #4: Not defining your cupid’s bow correctly

4 lipstick mistakes

A well-defined cupid’s bow can definitely take your lipstick game up a notch. Instead of applying lipstick all over your lips, begin by defining your cupid’s bow first and then fill in the rest of your lips. To do this, start from the highest point of your upper lip and draw a diagonal line down. Repeat on the other top point to make an ‘X’ shape. Now fill in the rest of your lips and walk around with the perfect cupid’s bow!

Mistake #5: Not checking your teeth

We’re sure you don’t want to be out and about with lipstick on your teeth all day. It’s important to check whether lipstick has transferred onto your teeth after you applied it. To take care of lipstick that has transferred onto your teeth, try this super trick - simply put your index finger into your mouth while you pout and remove it slowly. The excess lipstick that may have been on the inside of your lips will come off and you won’t get any on your teeth.

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Mistake #6: Choosing the wrong shade

6 lipstick mistakes

Do you know that there’s more to the science of choosing lipsticks than picking a shade that looks fabulous on your favourite celeb? There are a few things you must keep in mind while picking out a lip colour for yourself. Dark lipsticks can make your lips look thinner, while lighter and brighter shades will make them look fuller. Your lips’ undertone also plays a role in how you look. Choose lip colours depending whether your undertone is warm, cool or neutral.

Mistake #7: Applying lipstick immediately after lip balm

We know it’s important to have moisturized lips, but applying lipstick immediately after you use your lip balm is a big no no. Instead of the colour settling on your lips, it will slide around and look glossy. To avoid that, apply your lip balm and then the rest of your makeup. By the time you get to wearing your lipstick in the end, it won’t slide around.

Mistake #8: Not using your lip liner

8 lipstick mistakes

Don’t just leave that lip liner lying around, ladies. It can be really useful! If your lipstick tends to bleed, line your lips with a liner and then apply your lipstick. You can even use creamy lip liners without a lipstick - they make for fantastic lip colours even on their own!

Mistake #9: Not setting your lipstick

And finally, a very important step that almost all of us skip! Setting your lipstick after you apply it will make it last much longer. It’s really simple to do too. All you need to do it hold a thin tissue over your lips and apply some translucent setting powder on your lips after that. Simple, right?

Well, ladies, now you know how to get that killer pout in a matter of minutes!

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