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Team POPxo Takes The 'Left Hand Makeup' Challenge & It's CRAZY!

Sanya Jain

Guest Contributor

Applying makeup with your left hand? Your non-dominant, weak hand? What could possibly go wrong? Quite a bit, as it turns out. We at POPxo decided to take up the left hand makeup challenge and it wasn’t all pretty. Amidst a few slip-ups and oh-no moments, this is how we fared. Look at our makeup attempts for a few laughs and some makeup lessons:

1. We began with our Managing Editor, Pradipta Sarkar.

She got off to a bit of a rocky start with her foundation. Blending is hard when you’re using just your left hand.

A 1 left hand makeup challenge

But she more than made up for it when it came to the rest of her base and her eye makeup! You can see her here applying eye shadow and blush with her left hand like it’s no big deal!

A 2 left hand makeup challenge

And her eyeliner!!!

A 3 left hand makeup challenge

How is she better at it with her left hand than I am with my right hand?!

A 4 left hand makeup challenge

Please take a moment to admire her (left) handiwork.

She finished the challenge off with lipstick, which again she applied very expertly.

-A 5 left hand makeup challenge

The first picture shows her with makeup that she applied with her right hand, the second one is the final shot after she applied her makeup using her left.

A 6 left hand makeup challenge

Pradipta’s verdict: “My hand does NOT want to go where I want it to!”

“This was fun, actually. The one thought that was running through my mind, however, was: my right hand is MUCH better behaved than my left! But given that my foundation started on a disastrous note, I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with!”

2. Next, Isheeta Sharma, our Lifestyle Writer, started the left hand makeup challenge.

She began with her BB cream and was quite good at it, as you can see… No trouble at all.

B 1 left hand makeup challenge

The trouble began with her eye makeup. You can see her here messing up her eyeliner.

B 2 left hand makeup challenge

And her eye shadow....

B 3 left hand makeup challenge

Really, this is how her eye makeup looked in the end:

B 4 left hand makeup challenge

But she was an absolute pro at applying lipstick with her left hand. Look at her slaying!

B 5 left hand makeup challenge

And doing her victory pose to celebrate! :D

The first picture shows Isheeta with her normal, right hand makeup. The second one has her with her left hand makeup.

B 6 left hand makeup challenge

Isheeta’s verdict: “Well, all I have to say is - this was tough!”

“As you all have seen, my eye makeup was a tremendous fail! But I give myself credit, for I never have been much of a makeup person anyway. Well, failure or not, my colleagues got a good laugh out of it and that’s the least I can do as a good human being, am I right?”

3. Our Fashion Writer, Srishti Sabharwal, was up next.

Srishti used cotton to blend her CC cream in and made it look like a piece of cake!

C 1 left hand makeup challenge

She moved on to her eyeliner, where her expression changed from “This is so easy!” to “What have I signed myself up for?!”

C 2 left hand makeup challenge

She messed up her liquid eyeliner (yes, she decided to use liquid eyeliner!) the first time around, wiped it clean and started again. You can see the smudging that happens when you try to apply liner with your left hand!

C 3 left hand makeup challenge

But she totally nailed it on the second try and went on to her kajal…

C 4 left hand makeup challenge

Srishti finished it up with lipstick and even cleaned up the (non-existent to me) smudges with her left hand! If there’s anything I’ve learnt while watching people do this challenge, it is that applying lipstick with your left hand is super easy. You guys should try it.

C 5 left hand makeup challenge

Here is Srishti on a normal workday with right hand makeup vs Srishti with left hand makeup.

C 6 left hand makeup challenge

Srishti’s verdict: “Applying makeup with my right hand is difficult enough, so this task seemed next to impossible!”

“It was all good till I applied my liquid eyeliner and messed it all up. Even then, I think I did better than I’d expected myself to. Sanya was kind enough to not laugh throughout, but you guys are free to have a laugh at the goof-ups!”
Published on Oct 16, 2016
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