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#FashionDiaries: I Decided To Never Wear Heels After That Day!

#FashionDiaries: I Decided To Never Wear Heels After That Day!

I could be going to the White House for a formal dinner and choose not to wear heels – that’s how much I dread the discomfort of wearing high heels. Having said that, I’m not denying that they look amazing and how much difference a 3-inch heeled shoe can make to your outfit and overall look! This one time, I decided to do something completely contrary to what I just mentioned about myself. I decided to, just for the sake of a change, wear a nice pencil skirt, with a crisp formal shirt and high heels at work! I pulled out the fabulous outfit the night before, ironed it, cleaned that pair of gorgeous 3.5-inch heels and was all set. Come morning, I hurriedly got ready and as I looked at myself in the mirror, I knew that I was going to be an attention grabber that day.
As expected, I made my way through the office entry door to my desk and some four of my colleagues told me that I looked very different and nice that day. (Did I not look equally good on other days, I wondered.) Also read: #FashionDiaries: A Day Before The Event, I Didn’t Have A Blouse! Moving on – my day started well and it was a particularly busy one. I had some running around to do for a presentation I had to make that day. As the hours passed by, the discomfort of moving around in heels began to get the better of me. The physical effort it took to move around briskly in that footwear made me sweaty, drained my energy levels and was leading to a foul mood gradually. I may have even shooed away a couple of trainees and interns at work that day (I know, it’s not fair). Come late afternoon, I was beginning to curse myself for wearing those gorgeous but painful pair of heels. Those who complimented me that morning were probably rethinking their words after watching me strut around looking more uncomfortable than a bride with all her heavy clothes and jewellery wearing high heels! Internal high heels at work I couldn’t take this anymore and I NEEDED a solution – come what may. I guess I brought this upon myself – I needed to get out of that dreaded pair of heels. My feet were killing me and I needed to focus on more important things that day than the red marks on my sweaty, swollen feet!
Also read: #FashionDiaries: Why I’ll Never Wear A Tummy Tucker Again! Eventually, I gave up and decided to walk around barefoot. That grabbed some eyeballs too, including my boss giving me a look of disapproval – but you know what, I really couldn’t wear put my feet back into those shoes. Yes, they looked super, and added SO MUCH to the outfit I had slipped on along with them. But I was close to tears with the pain and frustration I felt with each step that I took! Needless to say, I will NEVER wear high heels to work again. I’d rather choose comfort over an amazing-looking outfit than go through what I did on that day. And as I’d said to myself that morning, I was, indeed, quite the attention grabber that day. *Wink* Images: Shutterstock
Published on Oct 16, 2016
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