#BeautyDiaries: My Makeup Started Melting At My Sister’s Shaadi

#BeautyDiaries: My Makeup Started Melting At My Sister’s Shaadi
I’ve always been fascinated by different kinds of makeup tutorials. I don’t go over the top, in fact I like to stick to basics and master each step. Every family function puts my makeup skills to test. I like experimenting with makeup - it helps me understand how much is too much or too less. One function that I did my makeup touch up by myself, was my sister’s wedding day!

You know how shaadis are in Mumbai, right? No matter how many air-conditioners the hotel has, the heat has a way of getting to us. And when that happened at my sister’s shaadi, my makeup started to melt slowly. Five hours into the wedding and my face looked quite oily and greasy. Not aesthetically pleasing to look at when you have a large portion of foundation on your face.

I kept calling the makeup artist on the phone, but she wasn’t answering the call. I couldn’t even find her in the crowd. After a good 20 minutes of looking for her and asking around, I decided to take the matter into my own hands. I thought to myself that my makeup might not look as flawless as it would have had she done it, but it would look better nevertheless.

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Everywhere I go, I also make sure that I’m carrying my foundation, lipstick and kajal. That day, these 3 products saved my life. I went up to the washroom, pulled out a tissue from my clutch and began to dab my face with it. It absorbed all the oil and grease, but a touch-up was very much required.

Internal makeup touch up

I then applied a thin layer of foundation on my face and used my kajal to make my eye makeup darker. I smudged it a lil bit to blend it in with my eyeshadow. Since I was out of blush, I used my red lipstick to do the job. I’m honestly glad I did my own makeup touch-up because my look improved instantly.

Thanks to those makeup tutorial videos and the time I spent experimenting with makeup, I did manage to pull this off at my sister’s wedding day. I think in the future, I’d be able to do my own makeup instead of relying on another person. One step at a time, I guess…