What Kind Of A Husband Will *He* Be? His Zodiac Reveals…

What Kind Of A Husband Will *He* Be? His Zodiac Reveals…
There are things in this universe that we may not be able to explain, but that does not mean they cease to exist, right? Our zodiac signs influence not only our horoscopes but who we are as people and also how we are in our relationships. We know you've been wondering about this, so here’s the kind of husband he will make, according to his zodiac sign!

1. Aries

An Aries loves to be in charge and in control of things. As a result, an Aries guy makes an extremely responsible partner. He will take pleasure in being your knight in shining armour, and will make sure that he’s there to protect and defend you as and when you need him to. He will also make sure that your marriage does not get boring for either of you by maintaining sumptuous levels of fun and excitement!

1 husband traits by zodiac sign

2. Taurus

A Taurean man would be a highly committed, loyal and devoted partner, and also expects the same from his wife. It is in the nature of a Taurus to value the finer things in life, which is why he will strive to provide you and himself with all the luxuries he possibly can. This does not mean he does not value the emotional front of life. In fact, he is deeply emotional, especially when it comes to his partner and at times these emotions may even come across as mild jealousy.  

2 husband traits by zodiac sign

3. Gemini

If your husband or to-be husband is a Gemini, be assured that life is never going to be monotonous with him. Chances are that he has an active social life, which he will gladly keep you involved in, as well. He will always be by your side through the ups and downs of life and make sure you keep getting a good laugh every now and then, given his brilliant sense of humour.

3 husband traits by zodiac sign

4. Cancer

A Cancerian husband would be an extremely accomodating and supportive partner. He is the one to comfortably accept a role reversal and help around the house without being annoyed or letting ego come in the way. He will not only love deeply but will also nurture you, and expect the same thing from you. Emotional support and security matter to him a great deal, and once he says his vows, he will stay true to them forever.

4 husband traits by zodiac sign

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5. Leo

A Leo is a warm and extremely generous partner. He will shower you with both affection and gifts in equal proportions and will derive pleasure out of this act. He is also likely to be extremely sensual and romantic, and have a powerful sex drive. He will uphold the deeds of old school chivalry even when the world has forgotten them, and treat you with immense respect while being extremely loyal and supportive as a partner.

5 husband traits by zodiac sign

6. Virgo

If a Virgo guy had to be summed up in one word, that word would be “practical.” Virgo partners will help you maintain your emotional vs practical balance especially during a critical decision making phase. He may not be a man of too many words, but he is one who means every word he utters and won’t sugar coat things that need to be said plainly. He will be your support system through and through as a patient and a loving husband.

6 husband traits by zodiac sign

7. Libra

A loving, warm and compassionate person at heart, a Libra values the little things in life and makes for an easy to please partner. He is likely to make for a very devoted and faithful husband, who is fair and balanced in his dealings. His relationships means a great deal to him and he will treat you well and as his top priority, once hitched.

7 husband traits by zodiac sign

8. Scorpio

Men born under this zodiac sign ooze charm and tend to have unparalleled magnetism. He will turn out to be a passionate and intense lover. He may not believe in too much PDA, but inside the bedroom he can be quite adventurous given his powerful sex drive. At times you may feel he is being secretive about some things, but with given time and as his trust for you grows, he will confide in you the deepest of his secrets. He will make for a protective and loyal partner.

8 husband traits by zodiac sign

9. Sagittarius

With a Sagittarius husband by your side, you will always have someone to cheer you up when you are down or going through a tough time. His taste for adventure and travelling will not let the colours in your relationship fade. He is also likely to be quite open about his feelings, which works well in favor of you being able to understand him and bond well. He will be generous and equally honest with compliments, especially when it comes to you.

9 husband traits by zodiac sign

10. Capricorn

A Capricorn partner may on the outset be somewhat shy, but given time he will gradually come around. Trust matters a great deal to Capricorns, which is why that is the one thing which he is bound to expect from his partner. He himself will not trust easily but once he does, he will make for a loyal and devoted husband. He will be one who loves security, stability and seldom experiences a flying temper.

10 husband traits by zodiac sign

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11. Aquarius

Being with an Aquarius man, you should expect quite a roller coaster ride as far as your love life is concerned. His impulsive streak will mean a lot of excitement but may cause a blip now and then. He can quite easily be a hero from a romantic novel or movie because he has the romantic vibe needed to make your love affair last a lifetime. He also tends to be quite tolerant and not too picky about things in general - which is a blessing because it gives you both time and space to adjust with each other.

11 husband traits by zodiac sign

12. Pisces

A Pisces husband will make sure that there is almost never a dearth of romantic gestures in your relationship. Even after getting hitched, when romance begins to fade for a lot of couples, he will be the one to keep it alive by making little gestures of love such as sending flowers, writing letters or taking you out on a romantic date. He will make for a tolerant, non-judgemental partner, whose unconditional love is bound to make you believe in prince charming all over again.

12 husband traits by zodiac sign

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