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10 Ways To Start Your Monday For An AWESOME Week!

10 Ways To Start Your Monday For An AWESOME Week!
If Mondays could talk, they would say, “You can love me, you can hate me, but you cannot ignore me!” And as much as we would like to “Humph!” and turn away, we know that it’s true. This poor first day of the week ends up getting a lot of hatred, doesn’t it? But you can really turn things around with a few smart moves if you want to! One good Monday, brimming with energy and positive thoughts can turn your week around. Here’s how!

1. Don’t Think About Monday Until Monday!

Don’t we all do it? Think about the weekend ending when there are still 12 hours to go! Let’s not. You may realize that you don’t actually dread Monday as much as you thought you did. Enjoy your weekend and don't dwell on what the new week is going to bring for a while.
1 monday morning

2. Shake A Leg!

Whether you have two left feet or you dance like a frog…just dance! Put on some music early morning and let your limbs loose! It will energize you and lift your mood in a jiffy!

3. Eat Like A Queen!

Eat your fav breakfast and pack yourself your fav lunch on Mondays! Let this be a regular thing and you will start loving this day of the week in no time! 3 monday morning

4. Watch Some Bloopers!

While “doing” is better than “seeing”, “seeing” is better than “hearing”. Watch something that cracks you up, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. It will invoke positive vibes and lots of energy! (Hint: Search for “Friends Gag Reels”) Also read: 15 Signs You Are Going Through Life Like A Total Badass!

5. Chill In Your Chair!

Don’t scurry to office and jump on your laptop the minute you set foot in the premises! Reach 15-20 minutes early and just relax in your workspace for a bit. Think about the things you need to do and maybe scribble them on a sticky note. This way you are not hassled and worried right at the outset. 5 monday morning

6. Plan For Something Fun!

A game of squash or football, grabbing a beer or just meeting a friend or colleague over a cup of coffee. Plan for something you can look forward to at the end of the day!

7. Sing/ Repeat/ Read Something That Inspires You!

If you have a quote or a song or a mantra that inspires and motivates you, repeat that a few times. Else, open a book you love and read your favorite parts. This fills your mind with a sense of happiness and make your think positive thought. And your day automatically begins to look up! 7 monday morning

8. Wear Something Nice And Comfy!

Dress up! Take time to do it. Perfect your winged liner and put on your favorite pink lip-shade. It may seem like a small thing to do, but a feel-good factor goes a long way. Also read: Long Weekend, No Plans? 10 FUN Things To Do In Delhi!

9. Don’t Do Too Much!

Don’t go into an overdrive and try to do too many things that stress you out. Take it easy, and it won’t feel like a burden. Let Monday mornings be a fun day too! 9 monday morning

10. Sleep Like A Log!

When you get back home, get out your bath salts, soak in them and then just jump into bed. Sleep a little more than you usually allow yourself to. Now, is there a better thing to do than this? GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy