How To Look Slim in Indian Wear: The Essential Rulebook

How To Look Slim in Indian Wear: The Essential Rulebook
It's easy when it comes to western clothing to hide the flaws, accentuate your best features and generally look shapely and fabulous. Let's not forget the essential arsenal that gets you there - peplums, shapewear and a whole lotta attitude. But all that fails when you get to the Indian wear section. Even the most clever dressers face trouble.


Sometimes, the sari - probably the one outfit that will make anyone look slim - also makes sure you look older than your years. Nope siree, we won't let that happen to the best of us. So we put together 25 Rules that will make your Indian wardrobe a treat to look forward to. The good thing about Indian wear? If you choose the right shape, fabric and cuts, you can actually camouflage the problem areas and accentuate your best features!


1. Sit down for a minute. Understand your body shape - lots of layering, pleats, bulky embellishments and too much embroidery can make anyone look heavier than they are.

2. Clingy is tacky. Well-stitched outfits rule over clingy and tight stuff. So choose fabrics that doesn't stick to your body. Avoid spandex, lycra - anything that shows off your curves in a bad way.

3. If you're on the heavier side, never choose pieces with big borders and gotas. Choose something with a smaller border, and if you want to have impact - just opt for a brighter shade.

4. Collared blouses, blouses that show no skin are actually quite hard to pull off. We'd suggest sticking to a blouse that does show a bit of skin. A nice neck at the back, lots of dangly latkans and short sleeves where your shoulders are visible can make you look very elegant.

5. Wear chudidars instead of patialas ( unless you are super tall!). We all love comfy patialas, but keep your structure linear with churidars. It always work wonders for your legs and also adds height!


6. Frills and heavy embellishments on the bosom - are a strict no-no. Why make yourself look bigger than you really are - even at the risk of not wearing your favourite crystals.

7. A-line and anarkali kurtis are popular but choose ones that have a slimmer cut or go for kurtis that have narrower cuts so you look taller.

8. Wear drapes or peplums if you're looking at innovative indian wear, they are a great camouflage for your tummy.

9. Monochromes always work - whether it's Indian or western wear. They always slim you down. Add in a nice colourful dupatta or scarf to keep the indian-ness alive.

10. We Indians love our prints - block prints, hand prints and crazy prints. Choose ones that are small and not too busy so it accentuates your personality and look. You don't need busy prints to show off your natural style.

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11. When choosing saris - go for georgettes, crepes and other lighter materials. Heavier handlooms make a statement but can sometimes make you look bulky. When it comes to embroidery - choose delicate work, crystal embellishments and thin borders to make a statement.

12. Always wear high heels with your Indian outfits, especially saris - they add posture and elegance to your look.

13. Choose blouses that really work for your body. If you're naturally skinny, then an old-school chinese collared blouse will look great. Backless cholis look best on toned backs.

14. If your problem area is the bust, don't choose outfits that have a lot of embroidery or mirror-work right there.


15. Wear kurtis that are an inch loose, whatever your body type. It shows off your shape without looking tacky. Always choose kurtis where your hips are covered, if you're on the heavier side. A kurti that is short and stops above your knees is rarely a good choice with salwars.

16. If you have broad shoulders, avoid puffy sleeves or full-sleeves ( that draw attention to your arms!) and never go sleeveless. Half sleeves or three quarter sleeves are ideal.

17. Long flared anarkalis are best suited for taller women but if you still love them - go for a little less flair (ghera) and it'll still look great!

18. Always wear accessories that accentuate your outfit - thin bangles, a nice cuff and maybe a pearl necklace. Too much jewellery can ruin your look and make it all look too heavy.

19.  Go easy on the makeup. If you're wearing something delicate, accentuate one feature - wear red lips or go for a smokey eye. But if you're already in a bold outfit, keep it natural. Gloss and mascara can work wonders! It's a myth that Indian wear needs a lot of makeup to look good.


20. If you're wearing leggings with a kurti, make sure your kurti is long. Nothing says mismatch like clingy leggings and a short kurti!

21. If you're looking to stay chic yet cover your hips, go for slits in your kurti. That will balance your body without showing off the hips.

22. The right intimates can make or break your Indian outfit. Tee shirt bras and bras with the right cup size can really make you look like a million bucks. Make sure your Indian outfit is matched correctly to your lingerie. Tight clothes = tee shirt bra. Backless choli = backless bra. Deep neck = strapless bra.

23. Some things you must never forget - avoid shararas if you thighs are on the heavier side. Same goes for bralets and strappy blouses if you don't have toned arms and a f Wear your sari pleated up if you don't want to draw attention to your flabby stomach.

24. Comfort rules when it comes to Indian clothing. If it's too loose and too tight - it can really make your outfit look tawdry.Lastly, whatever you wear - make sure it's fitted well. Perfect fits make for perfect style!