13 Little Ways To ALWAYS Look Amazing In Photos!

13 Little Ways To ALWAYS Look Amazing In Photos!
What don’t we do to look good in photos? Annoy our friends to click thousands of them? Stick with the friend who has a DSLR to get that new profile picture? Buy our own DSLR and try to figure out how the timer works? Trying out ten different Instagram filters and not liking even a single one of them? All of us women get the struggle of getting beautiful photos clicked, right? The agony of not looking good in photographs even when you look pretty damn awesome IRL is just petrifying. Well, here are 13 tips on how to look good in photos to help you be picture ready - always!

1. The blinking trick

If you are one of the many people who end up with their eyes closed in almost all the photographs just because they can’t time their blinks properly...then hello! Here’s a simple trick for you - close your eyes a few seconds before the photo is being taken and open them right before the flash hits your face. This will definitely keep your eyes open!

2. No double chins!

Double chins creep into photographs sometimes whether you like it or not. The only way to avoid it is to elongate your neck and put your chin out. It might feel awkward but it gives the best results!

2 look good in photos

3. Spot a pattern

Look through all your good photographs and spot the one thing that is same. Is there an angle that works for you or is there a more flattering side? Once you’ve cracked it, just use this simple personalized trick to get that great pic!

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4. Make-up on point!

If you are applying makeup then make sure it’s all in sync and nicely applied! Your foundation shouldn’t be too pale for your skin and your lipstick should flatter your skin tone too. If you think it looks bad in real life, it looks ten times worse with a flash on!

4 look good in photos

5. Or just add some colour

If you don’t want to go all out with makeup then you can just add a bit of colour by applying some rogue to your cheeks or just a bright shade of lipstick. The colour always adds a warmer touch to your skin.

6. Avoid the extra shimmer

While we are talking about makeup, let’s add that you must not apply too much shimmer. You know what shimmer does, right? Yup, it shimmers. In photographs, it takes away all the focus from your face and makes it look overdone.

6 look good in photos

7. Shrink the red eye

There is a fairly simple way to avoid red eye. Yes, you read that correctly. If you just look towards a source of light before someone clicks your photo, you can avoid it completely! Looking at light shrinks your pupil which in turn reduces the probability of red eye.

8. Get a prop

Adding more to the photograph than just yourself can help you get beautiful results! And that’s what props are for - it could be a book or a bag or just a pair of glasses. Props help in adding a bit more personality to your pictures.

8 look good in photos

9. Natural over fake

Remember, the natural triumphs over fake. Don’t plaster on a fake smile - people have seen it already and they can tell. Instead just joke around with your photographer and get a natural one. Be comfortable with your pose and it will show instantly!

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10. Keep the background clean and simple

Don’t over-do the background or it will steal all the focus away from you. A simple white wall or some nice warm colours would do the trick just fine!

10 look good in photos

11. Give your hair a quick flip

If you haven’t had time to comb through your hair or see how they look, just quickly turn your head upside down with all your hair falling down and then back up again. This adds volume to your hair instantly and they look fuller.

12. Know your angle

Figure out which angle suits you better. If you are short, then getting a picture clicked from below would make you look taller but if you constantly get double chins in your pictures then the best angle would be from the top. This is a trial and error method though, so figure out what suits you and then stick to it.

12 look good in photos

13. Shoot a lot, keep a few

And finally - don’t take just one photograph. Chances are you’re going to hate it after a while so take a couple of them so that you have a choice. Isn't that always better?

Go ahead, nail that next photoshoot, girls!

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