10 (Tried & Tested!) Ways To Get Along With Your Mum-In-Law!

10 (Tried & Tested!) Ways To Get Along With Your Mum-In-Law!
Scoring brownie points with your mom-in-law is a must. You might not want to admit it to yourself, but you want this lady's approval and blessing - it makes married life a lot easier and smooth sailing! Even if you two do not live together, there are some gestures you can do that will be met with kindness and appreciation from her side and ultimately put a smile on her face. Here are 10 awesome tried and tested (by me) ways to bond with your mother in law.

1. Of Culinary Skills And Compliments

I remember asking my mom-in-law how to make gajar ka halwa randomly and she got so happy she showed me there and then how to do it. I tried out her recipe and it came out nicely - but I was sure to tell her that it wasn't a patch on hers! *wink*

1 bond with you mother in law

2. Piece Of Cake

Whenever we went out somewhere really nice for coffee and cake, we would make it a point to bring back an extra slice for my MIL. I know she appreciated this because after some time she started reciprocating the gesture.

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3. Surprise Visits

Whenever I was in the area, I would occasionally call mom and drop in. Even if it was just for a five or ten minute chat. Even if she wasn't home I would make sure to check on my father-in-law - she liked that.

3 bond with you mother in law

4. The Daily Phone Call

Without fail, I call my mom-in-law everyday. It takes five minutes. It helps us stay connected and the fact that I make the effort makes her feel nice and cared for.

5. Remember Important Dates

I’ve made it a point to remember my mother-in-law’s birthday, FIL’s birthday and their wedding anniversary too. Not only that, I did things to make her feel special on these days and make it an occasion for her to remember. The love only grows if you put in an effort, ladies.  

5 bond with you mother in law

6. Birthday Flowers

The first year we got married, we happened to go away for my husband's birthday.  I sent my mom-in-law flowers on his birthday, as a congratulatory gesture. After all, she is the one who raised and gave me my soulmate - so she shouldn't feel left out on this day!

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7. One-On-One Time

This was before we got married. I invited my mom-in-law out for lunch. I took the initiative to spend one-on-one time with her and realized that in such ways one can form a relationship of her own!

7 bond with you mother in law

8. Mother-Son Bonding Time

I always let her have one-on-one time with her son. After all, he has a relationship with her that existed long before ours started. Think about it, even you want to spend one-on-one time with your mama.

9. Go Through Old Photos With Her

Ask her to show you old family albums. When we did this, it gave us the opportunity to look at my husband as a baby and the chance to bond with my MIL.

9 bond with you mother in law

10. Treat Your Partner Well

Treating my partner well and looking after him is the best thing I can do for all of us. No matter what other gestures I make, knowing that her son is being well looked after and loved is what every mother hopes for.

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