13 Subtle Ways To Tell Your Friend That You *Like* Him!

13 Subtle Ways To Tell Your Friend That You *Like* Him!
He’s your best buddy and you’ve loved him since forever but don’t know how to tell him that you would like to take your relationship to the next level? Happens. Moving a guy from the friend zone to the dating zone can be tricky but you need to stop waiting for him to make a move and take charge. Here’s how to ask out a friend if you really *like* him…

1. Show your excitement

Every time you see him, your heart flutters but then you go out of your way to hide your delight. Don’t! Instead, make it obvious. Flash a big smile, let your eyes sparkle, even if he doesn’t reciprocate your extremely happy expression immediately – do it often. Gradually, he will pick on it too.

1 how to ask out a friend

2. From friend to flirt

Tread with caution but there is no harm in saying something cute or flirty to your friend. Just make sure no one is around or he may feel awkward initially. Besides, it’ll give him a clear chance to flirt back if you are alone.

3. Pay attention

When he is around, give him your attention, your 100% attention. Surprise him with home cooked food for lunch, remember his favourites…That way, whenever you won’t be around, he’ll miss your company because no one else makes them feel so special and cared for. Awww, so cute!

3 how to ask out a friend

4. Make an effort to look good

He has often seen you in track pants and no makeup...so now, whenever you’re together, make the effort to dress up nicely when you meet him. At least sometimes! Spritz on some perfume and make his jaw drop! He'll be surprised, pleasantly of course!

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5. Drop hints

When together, don’t hesitate to say something sweet and out of the blue. Like, tell him how you like being around him, or how you have such a great time when it’s just the both of you. Then change the topic! He'll be thinking about what you said later.

5 how to ask out a friend

6. Keep the compliments flowing

If you find something attractive about him, let him know. In no time, he’ll realize that you notice what others don’t. It’s a subtle form of flirting - he’ll think of you and your compliment fondly, even when you are not around. But, for God’s sake, let your compliments be genuine!

7. Smile and gaze a bit longer

Instead of stealing glances, fix your gaze on him for a while (not like a psychedelic though, please). Dreamily, gently, go for the flirty eye contact. If you get caught – great. He’ll get curious.

7 how to ask out a friend

8. Touch him often

Not in a cheap or weird way but in a gentle, sensuous manner without trying to scare him. Do it nonchalantly - like holding his hand or placing your palm over his or casually placing your arm around his lower back.

9. Talk often...

Start with building a closer bond by talking to him on the phone with him, during the day or at night. Find out what he wants from a relationship... Have a plain conversation, have intense conversations - he’ll never want to hang up!

9 how to ask out a friend

10. Text as well

Texting can be fun – but don’t send him forwards. Send an occasional goodnight or a good morning one, usually with emojis. Play the texting game and use it as a tool to flirt with him and to make him think of you, on and off, all day!

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11. Tell him "I miss you"

On days you don’t meet or talk, text him to let him know he was missed. It’ll definitely make him feel very special and think about the special bond you two share.

11 how to ask out a friend

12. Ask him out

After you’ve done all of the above, ask him out for coffee or a movie but don’t make it seem like a big deal. Get into the dating scene and give him a chance to feel what you feel.

13. Lingering goodbyes

Each time you hug him goodbye, don’t let go immediately. Let it linger just a bit longer. He will definitely notice the difference in the way you hug him goodbye!

13how to ask out a friend

In the end, if nothing works, just say it aloud, in simple words. If he reciprocates, well, that's great… If not, at least you tried!

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