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#FashionDiaries: I Used A Bedsheet To Make My T-Shirt Awesome!

#FashionDiaries: I Used A Bedsheet To Make My T-Shirt Awesome!
I really love my clothes. I buy them with utmost dedication and take immense care of them even if I wear them a little too often. So when my house-help accidentally cut half a sleeve of my basic black tee for cleaning purposes, I was furious! I couldn’t imagine spending a day without my plain t-shirt as my backup plan.

I mean, you have to admit, black will always be the new black. It looks great on everybody, goes well with everything and even makes you look slim! What else could you ask for?

Of course, I had the option to either get the other sleeve cut so that the top went from 3/4th sleeves to half sleeves or just buy another one. But this one had been one of my happy buys from Sarojini for Rs 100 and I just didn’t feel like buying something new… It’s tough to find the perfect plain tee!

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I was almost about to go get the sleeves cut when my mother, looking forward to the Diwali shopping season, took out a couple of bedsheets that she wanted to throw away. As it happened, one of them was a printed blue one that I really used to like!

Looking at the bedsheet and the ruined t-shirt in my hand, my mind started to whir, twist and turn, bursting with ideas and I wondered…

internal 1 i revamped an old t-shirt

Prints are always in fashion and my t-shirt was almost ruined, so why not add a dash of print to it and turn it into something new altogether? I love trying out different fashion hacks so this new project was super exciting for me! So this is how I revamped an old t-shirt - I took two 2 inches wide strips of the bedsheet and me and my mom sat down together to stitch them on the sleeves.

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The stitching was just a little bit complicated, but only because I am really bad with it. With my mom’s help I finally stitched it on and it looked awesome! Just a bit of print added that new vibe to the top while still keeping it my plain black tee! I planned to add strips of the bedsheet as a border at the end as well but it just seemed like a bit too much of change so I decided against it. However, I have kept the bedsheet just in case I change my mind again!

Internal 2 i revamped an old t-shirt

This little experiment actually taught me that the most bizarre things can end up looking good when it comes to fashion experiments and re-cycling is the best way to go about it! I am, for sure, going to keep experimenting with bedsheets, cushion covers and the likes of them and you can do so too! Use all the things you probably don’t need anymore to make something you’ll actually love!