‘Who Run The World?’ 11 Reasons It’s AWESOME To Be A Girl!

‘Who Run The World?’ 11 Reasons It’s AWESOME To Be A Girl!
Let’s just skip the usual long winded introduction and get right to the point. We all know that being a girl is amazing. What's not to love! But incase you needed to be reassured, then here are 11 reasons why we would not trade being a girl for anything in the world.

1. Dressing Up

Boys will never know how the simple act of dressing up can instantly uplift our mood! Feeling bummed out? no problem throw on some lipstick, slip into a beautiful dress and (of course) a pair of slinky heels - and voila you are all set to turn heads. The whole process of choosing your outfit and getting all dolled up is extremely calming. Plus the compliments that follow are the perfect balm to a crappy mood!

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2. Girl talk

It’s so reassuring to have a group of girls who always have your back. You can talk to them about anything and know that your secret is safe with them. From your latest crush to the weird itch that has you googling symptoms - no topic is too taboo to be discussed!

3. That super smooth feeling

If the smooth feeling that you get right after shaving could be bottled and sold - that would be a million dollar idea! But seriously nothing compares to how good your skin feels right after you shave, you can’t help but want to show off your super smooth arms and legs to all and sundry. Try Venus by Gillette which with its three curve hugging blades, helps us get an ultra-close shave that gives you super smooth skin!

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4. Good hair days

There are days when we get out of bed and our hair (we kid you not) looks like a team of stylists had a go at it. It looks that good! These days may be rare - but boy oh boy when they show up, it’s totally worth the wait. We feel as glamorous as a movie star and can’t help but flip our hair back and forth.

5. Who run the world? Girls!

So many amazing humans are women! It’s truly a good time to be a born a girl, especially when there are so many inspirational women who have paved the way for us. From Beyonce, to fierce athletes like Deepa Karmakar and PV Sindhu, to the flawless Deepika Padukone, the list is endless.

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6. Pretty lingerie to the rescue

Lingerie has the power to make you feel confident from the inside out. It’s like a secret weapon in your arsenal that only you know about. Because when you put on pretty lingerie you just know that the day is going to turn out great. Really, nothing can stop you!

7. Makeup on point

An unexpected zit? No problem! Just slather on a bit of concealer and you’re good to go. Make up has got to be god’s gift to womankind (after the razor!). We can go from looking our frumpy best to the most glamourous woman on the planet in a matter of minutes. Plus shopping for makeup always gives us such a high!

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8. Shoes galore

Guys are really missing out on the whole world of amazing shoes we have at our disposal. There is a shoe for every mood, and often times it can also put us in a better mood :) Also the best part is that we get to decide just how tall we want to be. Since our options range from ballet flats to heels that defy gravity.

9. Boyfriend Jeans

We have the luxury of being able to ‘borrow’ (read steal) from our boyfriend’s closets. Their shirts, tees and sweatshirts are perfect for that relaxed look and are usually super comfy. Unfortunately we can’t return the favour - our wardrobe rarely has things that would fit them!

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10. Our own coach in the metro

Admit it nobody wants to be stuffed in a little tin can like sardines! This is exactly what it feels like to be in the metro during peak hours. Which is why we are so thankful for our own coach. Being surrounded by pushy aunties is slightly better than being enveloped by a bunch of semi sweaty men (our tropical weather really doesn’t help the whole BO situation).

11. Mani Pedis

Girls get to be pampered at beauty parlors, it’s pure bliss! A relaxing mani pedi where we get treated like a princess, get a lovely massage and finally our nails are painted pretty colours - what’s not to love.

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These are just a few of the reasons it rocks to be a girl! There are probably a gazillion more!

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