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11 Reasons Every Girl LOVES Diwali Season!

11 Reasons Every Girl LOVES Diwali Season!
The festive season is almost upon us and we can feel the excitement in the air. But amongst the many festivals that we love, Diwali has got to be our absolute favourite! Because we get to shine bright in our new clothes, gorge on delicious mithais, sing, dance and basically have a ball. It’s also the time when family, friends and relatives (even the super sulky ones) come together to celebrate the festival of lights and soak in the happy vibes. Here are 11 things every girl absolutely loves about Diwali.

1. Flaunt your favourite desi look

The hunt for the *perfect* Diwali outfit begins weeks (sometimes months!) in advance. We take a million screenshots of our favourite looks from fashion week and stalk our beloved celebs just so we can head straight to our local darzee and watch him work his magic! After all, we want to make sure that our outfit on Diwali is an absolute headturner. girls love Diwali

2. Makeup on fleek, please!

Diwali is the perfect excuse to buy more makeup (not that we really needed one). But tell mummy that the new lipstick you have been lusting over is perfect for Diwali and watch her strict no, become a big yeeeesssss!!! *happy dance* We can’t wait to slay those selfies :)

3. Cute guys in Indian wear. Super yayy !

Boys all dressed up for Diwali - what’s not to love. It’s not just girls who rock the desi look, the boys look equally amazing in their Indian outfits and we love the whole kurta and jootis look... totally droolworthy !!!! girls love Diwali

4. Diwali means more jewellery ;)

Well, who can deny Ghar Ki Lakshmi in the form of some new jewellery?! We know it's got to do with tradition but Diwali is every girl’s free token to splurge on jewellery. Time to tick off choker necklaces, pretty anklets and waist bands off our to-buy jewellery list.

5. The only time buying gadgets doesn’t need an excuse

Diwali is the only time you can splurge (or not!) on the latest tech gadgets and not have to make excuses for it. Want to upgrade your phone? No problem. OPPO’s new F1s is an absolute must have. With a 16 MP front camera the F1s is the official new “Selfie Expert”, it takes beautiful, natural looking photos. Both the front and rear cameras offer a 'Beautify' function so that we can look absolutely flawless in our Diwali selfies! P.S. the Screen Flash function, ensures that we can capture great selfies even in low light. girls love diwali

6. Don’t forget Cinderella’s shoes.

Cinderella showed us how a perfect pair of shoes can totally win over Prince charming. Which is why we begin our shoe shopping waayyy in advance. Be it a pair of beautifully embroidered jootis or a muted gold pair of heels that completes our Diwali look - we are taking no chances.

7. The big fat Diwali card party, baby!

There is nothing that compares to an EPIC Diwali card party. They get wilder, crazier and more fun with each passing year and we are definitely not complaining. The stakes are higher each time and we can’t wait to get our hands on all that moolah. So best of luck girls and boys!! girls love Diwali

8. The rang rangeeli rangolis

Who says Diwali is not about colours?! Our rangolis are absolute works of art. It’s the time when we unleash our inner artist and create gorgeous designs. Plus the satisfaction we get after we finish our masterpiece (not to mention the compliments)... pure bliss.

9. The FOOD. ‘Nuff said!

Food during Diwali is no less than a royal feast. It is delicious, finger licking and the menu is better than any restaurant menu with various delicacies on offer. Adding to savoury dishes are the delectable desserts. Moreover, nobody cares about carbs and fat during festive season. Arre bhai, Diwali hai toh mitha toh banta hai. girls love Diwali

10. Diwali sales plus end of season sales.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our fave outfit available at a discounted rate. Who doesn’t love a great bargain! The festival of lights brings with it the most brilliant sales. Time for some retail therapy. Diwali is after all our favourite festival for a reason, right?

11. Time for surprise gifts…

Diwali and surprise gifts go hand in hand. Honestly, who doesn’t love surprises! We all love being pampered by our family and friends and nothing makes us feel more special (Also if someone could surprise us with a gift… that would be great. Thanks). Talking about surprise gifts, this video is spot on when it comes to how excited we get while organising surprise gifts for the people we love.
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