#GirlCode: 13 Rules For EVERY Bestie To Live By!

#GirlCode: 13 Rules For EVERY Bestie To Live By!
Girls, as you slowly step into the world of adulting, there are a few “Girl Code” rules you need to keep in mind! Yes, the Girl Code exists - and we need to pledge it forever and ever! We girlfriends need to stick together...because if not us, then who?!

So let’s swear to follow these 13 girl code rules - for our friendship is amazing and preserve it we must!

1. Always be there for rescue purposes

Whether it’s when she needs to get out of a conversation or a bail-out on her date, you always have to be her plan B. And vice versa!

2. The ex is *always* out of bounds

You can’t really backstab your friend by going out with her ex! At least not until you have properly discussed it with her and you know for sure that she is okay with it.

2 girl code rules

3. Listening is your duty

And so you shall listen, my friend. After every breakup, patchup, breakup-again - you will sit down, hold her hand and nod your head and really listen!

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4. You have to support her tough decisions in life

There are times when your friends will make decisions you probably won’t understand in that moment. However, make sure that during these tough moments in life they always find a support system in you.

4 girl code rules

5. But also point out when she’s being plain stupid

For friendship is not just supporting, it’s also about pushing them out of the nest so they can fly. Much like parenting, actually. :P

6. You babysit in times of trouble

This includes all those breakup parties that we all know a little too much about. When you know your friend has allowed her emotions to get the better of her, you sober up and never leave her side!

6 girl code rules

7. You always empathize when your girlfriend is PMS-ing

Because chances are you are going through the same at that time.

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8. Always tell her when her lipstick is on her teeth

It’s time to unleash the greatness within you. Because if not you, then who?

8 girl code rules

9. Be honest when asked “How do I look?”

She’s got men in her life who may lie to her and say she looks great when she doesn’t. You gotta have your girl’s back even when it means telling her “You look hideous right now!”

10. Never let your girlfriend walk alone to the washroom

Uh-uh! Nope. If your girlfriend says “I need to use the washroom” then you say “Yeah me too!” Even when you don’t want to. Because that’s what we women do - we stick together!

10 girl code rules

11. Never refuse a sanitary napkin

A girlfriend in need is a girlfriend indeed, right? You might want to carry some extras in your bags...because this happens a lot!

12. Don’t shy away from sharing hairbands

Never underestimate the bond of a hairband. These little inexpensive pieces of rubber will really get you and your girlfriends close together!

12 girl code rules - tina fey

13. Never judge!

We already have the rest of the world doing that for us. Let’s focus on never judging our fellow women because we know that there are always two sides to a story. :)

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