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10 “Sex” Tweets That’ll Make You Laugh Till You Cry!


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You might think that sex is very *intense*, but it’s fun to laugh about it sometimes, isn’t it? Whether your sex life is amazing or basically non existent - these 10 sex tweets will make you laugh till you find it hard to catch a breath! You think we’re over-exaggerating? Read on, we’re sure you’ll get tears of laughter...

1. No seriously, have you? :P

1 sex tweets

Source: Pakalu Papito on Twitter

2. Probably the only “thing in bed” we’re good at!!

2 sex tweets

Source: Hurricane Oxygenplug on Twitter

3. When your sex life is so dead that even autocorrect doesn’t want to say “sex”!

3 sex tweets

Source: The Dark Side on Twitter

4. That’s how life is, my friend! The harsh truth of life...

4 sex tweets

Source: Aparna Nancherla on Twitter

5. Cake is bae, cake never disappoints!

5 sex tweets

Source: DreadPirateMaterial on Twitter

6. Not always! Sometimes we want a 12 inch…pizza with EXTRA cheese!

6 sex tweets

Source: Funny Dirty Tweets on Twitter

7. So true! So DAMN true!!

7 sex tweets

Source: Funny Dirty Tweets on Twitter

8. Hey there, wake up! Do you even exist?

8 sex

Source: Saucy Kensington on Twitter

9. Hahaha! We all know that one guy...

9 sex

Source: David Hughes on Twitter

10. Dogs know everything, you can’t hide anything from them! NOTHING!

10 sex

Source: Keet on Twitter

We’re having a hard time catching our breath because of all the laughing!
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