10 Classes To Take With *Him* To Bring You Closer Together!

10 Classes To Take With *Him* To Bring You Closer Together!
Looking for some fun classes to join with your boo, but have absolutely no idea? There are things you can do together that’ll be more exciting than just going on dates. Here is a list of some couple classes to spend some wonderful time with your boyfriend, add a little excitement to your relationship and also get to learn something new!

1. Fitness Classes

Dating a fitness freak? Why not enroll together for fitness classes like kickboxing, yoga or zumba and just sweat it out together? Hello, hotness! #RelationshipGoals

2. Cocktail Making

Love a good drink? Especially when it comes to concoctions and cocktails…you want it perfect. So why not try going to a cocktail class together, then? Cocktail making classes with your sweetheart, is a fun way to spend time together (read drunk) and a reason to bartend at the next party, showing off your expert bartending skills.

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3. Rock Climbing

Show your man what a tough girl you are and enroll for rock climbing classes with him. You guys are bound to have a great time! Plus, he will also get to see your hidden badass side!

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4. Theatre Classes

If both of you share a love for dramatics, you could absolutely take the next step and enroll for theatre classes. It’s a creative way to spend time together and you’d be surprised to see how much there is to learn.

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5. Salsa

Salsa classes... Doesn’t it remind you of that sensual intimate scene from Namastey London with Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif? So, need we say more? Plus, learning sexy dance moves is an unconventional yet sexy way of breaking the monotony of typical date nights and outings.

6. Sports Classes

Just pick a sport, it can be tennis, badminton or whatever you both love! Sports classes are a fun way to release some endorphins, keep fit and realize the competitive spirit in each other, adding a zing to your relationship.

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7. Language Classes

Love for languages? Learn a foreign language like Spanish, French or German (or Mandarin, if you are adventurous enough) with your loved one. Bonus: You get a chance to practice it as a secret language at gatherings!

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8. Coaching Classes

If you are a school or college going girl or plan to take any entrance exams like GRE/ CAT/ UPSC then enrolling for tuitions with your boyfriend is a brilliant idea. You get to spend time together (productively) and you can always have post tuition, study sessions. *wink*

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9. Workshops

In case you’re not looking to attend regular classes, then you can simply attend workshops with your partner in areas of common interest, which could range from meditation, pottery, reiki, coffee brewing or entrepreneurship.

10. Baking Classes

Who doesn’t love cake, right? So why not try and learn how to make that tastiest, scrumptious and finger licking red-velvet cake? Or perhaps, you could learn how to bake and he can learn how to prep. Either way, bonding over cakes did harm to nobody!10 couple classes

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