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“No Uterus, No Opinion!” 15 “FRIENDS” Quotes For EVERY Occasion

Manika Parasher

Lifestyle Writer & Copy Editor

Friends, the TV show, was perhaps the best part of our teenage life. It has not only given us our favourite characters, rules of friendship but also some amazing punchlines that could be used every single day! Here are 15 relatable, funny and apt Friends quotes that are literally, perfect to use for every occasion of your life!

1. When your bestie is trying to act all grown up and mature!

1 Friends quotes

2. When your boss tells you that you have a working Saturday!

2 Friends quotes

3. When you’ve had a bad bad baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad day at work!

3 Friends quotes

4. When your crush is just soooooooooooo cute!

4 Friends quotes

5. When you come home from work and find out that someone ate the last piece of cake you were dreaming about all day long!

5 Friends quotes

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6. When you are trying to get over your ex…and well, you try every damn thing!

6 Friends quotes

7. When people want advice and you are in no mood to give any gyaan!

7 Friends quotes

8. When your bestie tells you that your ex and his “new” girlfriend just entered the party!

8 Friends quotes

9. What you *actually* want to say to people who only think of you when they need some “help”.

9 Friends quotes

10. When you are on your period and your boyfriend asks “Is it really that bad?”

10 Friends quotes

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11. When the electricity went MIA just at the climax of the movie you were watching!

11 Friends

12. When you are hungry AF and your host just wouldn’t stop talking!

12 Friends

13. When bae didn’t order pizza but wants a slice from your plate!

13 Friends

14. When you are in an extremely boringggggg lecture!

14 Friends

15. When you studied just one night before the exam and still managed to pass!

15 Friends

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Published on Oct 13, 2016
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