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10 Easy Ways To Get Super Fit Before Your Wedding!

10 Easy Ways To Get Super Fit Before Your Wedding!
Dear brides-to-be, we know you’re getting married and all you want right now is to look your fabulous best. You’ve made big plans about your diet and fitness but as the time draws closer and the preparations begin in full swing, you’re sometimes not able to stick to it. So to make things easier and to take off the load just a bit, here are some essential health tips. These 10 easy fitness tips for brides are sure to make you look your fabulous best at the wedding!

1. Control the sugar cravings

1 fitness tips for brides

We know how difficult it is to watch your sweets when all you’re doing is visiting caterers and bakers for food tasting sessions. While you do require some good amount of self control, make sure you’re always carrying healthier snacking options when the craving strikes. Dry fruits, a piece of dark chocolate, fibre biscuits, etc. Also, once the shaadi functions begin, you’re going to be loaded with everything sweet...so let’s just save it for then?!

2. Make use of fitness apps

From reminding you to drink more water to encouraging you to workout and calculating the number of steps you’ve walked, there’s an app to help you at every step. Download a fitness app that fits your goal and gives you the push you require. For the bride with a hectic work schedule, the 7 Minute Workout app is just ideal!

3. A simple lifestyle change

Take stairs where you can and avoid sitting for long hours on your office chair. Opt for the standing desk at your workplace and if that’s not doable, get up every 45 minutes from your seat to stretch your body. Even during all the wedding shopping, walk the distance from the parking instead of having your driver drop you off right outside the store. Adopting a generally more active lifestyle is always a good thing, ladies.

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4. A walk can do the trick

4 fitness tips for brides

Shuffling with a hectic schedule and little or no time for the gym? Just take time out for a 20-minute brisk morning walk. Inhaling the fresh morning air is great for your physical and mental fitness. If you’re not a morning person, go out in the evening. Either way, do take out 20 minutes for your daily walk.

5. Get a workout buddy!

We bet your bestie wants to loose weight just as much as you do! And getting yourself a workout buddy makes things a lot more fun. You can compare your goals, push each other for more and ensure that your workout is never boring or dull.

6. Join a dance class!

Hiring a choreographer 15 days before the sangeet? Use that budget to join a Bollywood dance class a few months in advance. Not only will you lose some calories, but dancing is a great stress buster too! What’s more? You can even choreograph your wedding sangeet yourself!

7. Sleep on time

7 fitness tips for brides

Besides giving you nasty dark circles, less sleep also results in weight gain. Midnight hunger pangs are your worst enemy and it’s best to get your beauty sleep instead. Also, staying awake for long hours slows down your body metabolism because your body is trying to maintain its resources.

8. Watch those portions!

Eat what you like, but only until you're satisfied and not full! When ordering out, ask for small portions. Be it coffee, a drink or flavoured yogurt, opt for a small cup or a small glass. With all the outings and shopping sprees, it’s difficult for a bride-to-be to stay on a strict diet. As far as you’re watching the quantity you consume, you’re doing yourself good.

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9. Kitchen rules

Your mom is really going to stuff you with all your favourite dishes before you get married. While we do understand that, make sure to stock your kitchen with everything healthy. Replace the chips and biscuits with healthier options and get rid of all those mayo jars and salad dressings. The point is to fill up your kitchen racks with healthy options and avoid the unnecessary temptation.

10. Throw out the stress

10 fitness tips for brides

Stress leads to cravings, can lower your metabolism rate and can totally result in binge eating. Be a “bridechilla”, not a bridezilla! Relax, indulge in a spa treatment, meditate, do something fun…  Just let go and give yourself and your body the much needed rest.

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