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The First Time He And I Spent The Whole Night Together!

The First Time He And I Spent The Whole Night Together!
I had visited my boyfriend’s house during the day many times, but never at night. My parents were really strict and never allowed me to step out late. Ajay and I were dating for 2 years. I have to confess, the relationship wasn’t all smooth sailing. We studied in the same college and would often fight about the silliest of things. It was getting worse by the day. To the extent that we decided to take a break for a month during the Diwali holidays.
We didn’t call or text each other the whole time. At some point during that month, I thought that our relationship had completely fallen apart… Until a week before, when I received a long text from him. It basically said that he was sorry, he had thought about it a lot and didn’t want to mess things up between us. To be honest, reading his text message brought a smile to my face. I loved him and missed him terribly. I guess distance does bring you closer as a couple. Also read:The First Time I Snuck My Boyfriend Into My PG! That night we spoke till dawn and decided to patch up. We agreed to meet two nights before college reopened. I took a big step that night. I lied to my parents telling them that my friend wasn’t well and I would have to stay at her place since her family wasn’t in town. Since my mom and dad liked and knew my friend, they gave me permission! I obviously asked my friend to cover for me in case they called… I really wanted this plan to work out! Internal spent a night together
Exactly at 7pm, I left home with my bag of clothes, got into the Western local and stepped out at Mumbai Central. While I was walking down the skywalk, I saw Ajay standing near the taxi stand. His face lit up when he saw me. He ran and hugged me so tightly and kept saying that he missed me so much. He asked me to hop onto his bike and took me to his place. It was going to be the first time we spent a night together and I couldn’t wait for it to start, already! It was a magical experience! I was out late, and still felt safe and happy because I had him. That night, he made me feel really special. He told me that he would introduce me to his 'world'. He made me meet all of his friends, took me out for ice-cream at Bachelor's and slept on my lap at the Queen’s necklace till midnight. Sometime around 1 am, we came back to his place. His parents were out of town and we had the whole house to ourselves. I quickly got dressed into my pajamas, poured us both a glass of wine and grabbed a tub of sweet caramel popcorn. I fell asleep on his chest watching 'Pirates of the Caribbean’. It all felt so right. He picked me up, put off the hall lights and tucked me into bed. But suddenly I wasn't feeling sleepy anymore. I had missed his touch... We kissed and it turned out to be the most passionate makeout session in our relationship. His hands exploring every inch of my body and my hands holding onto his hips and chest so tight. We didn't go all the way, it somehow wasn't about sex that night... We just wanted to be close to each other.
Also read: The First Time I Lied To My Parents To Spend A Night With Him I woke up to a note next to me in the morning that read, “Morning, beautiful! Meet you in the kitchen after you wake up!” I slipped into one of his old oversized t-shirts and made my way into the kitchen. He stood there with a plate of freshly made eggs, baked beans, butter toasts and a glass of orange juice. Yes, he, the guy who could burn even Maggi, actually made breakfast for me! I felt like royalty. By noon, I had packed up and he dropped me just outside the lane to my house and kissed me goodbye. I got home with a smile that lasted for the entire day. I can’t believe how much of a difference taking a break made to our relationship. I’ve fallen for him harder after this. We now have a relationship with absolutely no skeletons in the closet. Only love. *Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock