11 ‘First Time’ Sex Myths That NO Girl Should Believe!

11 ‘First Time’ Sex Myths That NO Girl Should Believe!
There are tons of things we’re told about sex…or not told, for that matter. However, from the things we do learn about the forbidden world from books, stories and rumours, how many are actually true? Here are 11 sex myths we all have heard, at some point or the other about the first sex experience!

1. Myth: You won’t catch an STD

Reality: You can catch an STD anytime, whether it’s your first time or your 50th time, if you don’t use contraceptives. Prevention is better than cure, right?

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2. Myth: The woman always bleeds on her first time

Reality: This one is a big common sex myth, while it’s true that women bleed on their first time, it’s not true for everyone. When a woman has sex, her hymen (which is a thin piece of tissue covering the vagina) can tear which leads to just a little bit of bleeding but this can also happen for various other reasons besides sex. It can happen due to cycling, horse riding or if you use a tampon. So in case you don’t bleed on your first time, don’t worry about it.

3. Myth: Making noises during your first time is awkward

Reality: You haven’t done it before, it’s quite normal to feel out of place if you moan or sigh during sex. However, it is absolutely okay to be making noises. It’s just your body letting you know that you like what you’re experiencing!

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4. Myth: You can’t get pregnant

Reality: Pregnancy has nothing to do with the number of times you have sex. If you have sex anytime while you are ovulating, after you have hit puberty, there are chances of you getting pregnant. Again, the only way to stop this is to use contraceptive methods.

5. Myth: Using a condom makes penetration difficult

Reality: Yes, it does take longer when your guy wears a condom, and for him to get used to it. However, it does not affect his or your sexual capabilities to the point of actually making it tough for you.

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6. Myth: The woman experiences extreme pain during the first time

Reality: While every woman does experience a certain kind of discomfort during her first time, it does not have to be extreme. If the woman is aroused enough, the pain is very minor. It is only when she is not relaxed and aroused that she experiences extreme pain.

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7. Myth: It will be like in the movies

Reality: Your first time sex will not be on a bed of roses and that’s good because those thorns must really hurt! The first time sex experience should be unique to every person. It’s not a script you are following and hence, it will not be a well shot movie scene but it will be a memory that will last forever.

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8. Myth: It’s not complete if you don’t orgasm

Reality: Sex is much more than just achieving climax. This is something you will realise with time but don’t let the pressure get to your head during your first time. Reaching the big ‘O’ is not easy for women and it takes time to actually figure out what takes you all the way.

9. Myth: You can only lose your virginity with penetrative sex

Reality: The definition of virginity is still unclear. If you can’t describe what virginity is, then how do you set the criteria for losing it? While penetrative sex is one way of losing one’s virginity, it is not the only way.

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10. Myth: You can avoid pregnancy by douching after sex

Reality: Douching is a method of spraying or showering your genitals with water as a method of contraception after sex. Many women also use soda or vinegar instead of water but douching doesn’t help. It does not prevent pregnancy or STDs. In fact, it might just give you a vaginal infection, so avoid it!

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11. Myth: Size matters

Reality: Honestly, it doesn’t. What actually matters is you and the person you are getting intimate with, and your feelings towards each other. If you feel love and passion then it will reflect in the sex as well.

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