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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Shapewear!

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Shapewear!

We don’t need to tell you twice that losing weight can be a tedious and a time consuming process - think of the treadmills, sweat, diets...agrhh! But did you know there are ways of faking toned thighs and a flatter belly? Yup, shapewear allows you to look ‘thinner by dinner’! But there has been constant speculation on the trend, with a lot of people (and celebs) swearing by it and some completely opposing it. So, we bring to you a complete guide on everything you ever wanted to know about shapewear, talking about all the pros and cons along with tips to wear it right, leaving it on you to decide.

Benefits Of Shapewear:

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1. Instantly Sleeker Figure

There is no denying the fact that shapewears serve their purpose really well. With the right one for you, you can look from five to ten pounds slimmer altogether. Sounds like a dream, eh?

2. Say Bye To Panty Lines

Most celebrities swear by shapewears because they are the most efficient way of kissing goodbye to those tricky underwear problems. Say bye-bye to panty lines, even when you are wearing your most well-fitted dresses!

3. No More Muffin Tops

Shapewears smooth out your body by redistributing your fat all over the area, to give you an appearance of a contoured, well shaped body. No more lumps and bumps!

4. Fight Cellulite

Shapewears, when worn correctly can make your cellulite disappear, giving you an even, smooth look. Plus, they keep jiggly fat in check, they’re a blessing for those of us with troublesome thighs. Also read: 11 Lingerie Hacks That *Every* Girl Needs To Know!

The Possible Cons:

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1. They Can Mess With Your Digestive System

Wearing shapewears for long durations can cause bowel restriction due to the continuous pressure on your abdominal region leaving you either too constipated or too prone to loose motions. This of course is a super extreme case that can only occur if you practically live in them. Wearing them for a few hours sometimes is completely fine.

2. You Might Give Up On Working Out

Remember that shapewear only gives the illusion of a more slender, smoother figure. Don’t give up exercising just because you have these slimming babies in your wardrobe.

3. Bad Body Posture

A lot of women start depending on shapewears for a better posture. Straighten those shoulders and stand tall. Needless to say these are all extreme cases. Now, if your decision is in favour of shapewears, we have some handy- dandy tips for you! Also read: The Bra “Sister Size”: The BEST Trick For Lingerie Shopping!

Tips For A Better Shapewear Experience:

1. Size REALLY Matters!

In hope of looking extra thin, women often size down. This leads to bulges, fat spills and discomfort. And if you happen to buy a size that’s bigger than your actual size, shapewear loses its purpose and will not hide any bulges or bumps that you want to. So, moral of the story is, find out your size and stick to it!

2. Try And Buy

2 know about shapewear You must never shop for shapewear online if you’ve never tried it before and are unsure of your size. A wrong fit can cause fat spills and can be unflattering. Although, if you are sure about your size, shopping online is a better idea as you often get things on discounted prices.

3. Take The Sit Test

This is a very important test which can help you choose better shapewear for yourself. Always sit and test while buying a shapewear, as you will understand better how comfortable you would feel while wearing it for longer durations. If you feel stiff and uneasy while sitting with your shapewear on, then it is definitely a wrong size.

4. Choose According To Your Need

4 know about shapewear If you want shapewear that just smoothes out all your lines, then choose one in a lighter fabric. If you want shapewear for a complete figure transformation, choose the one with a higher content of nylon and compression zones.

5. Read The Instruction Manual Carefully

Google and you will see a lot of hilarious incidents on how women got stuck while attempting to fit in their shapewears. Well, the key is to never wear it from the top. You should always start with putting your legs in first and then pulling it upwards. Also read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

6. Seamless Be The Best

6 know about shapewear Opt for seamless shapewear if you want smooth lines. This will not only save you from embarrassing panty lines, but will also keep the world from knowing that you’re wearing shapewear under your clothes. Sounds good, right?

7. Choose The Right Style For You

know about shapewear Shapewears are available in a lot of different styles. You can choose one depending on your problem areas. a. The Bodysuit Target areas: Tummy, love handles and butt.
This particular body shaper looks just like a swimsuit and targets almost every major concern. It will give you full coverage and is great to wear under dresses. POPxo Recommends: Marks & Spencer Waist Cincher Vest (Rs 1,799) b. The Camisole Target areas: Love handles and tummy. If love handles and a round belly are your major concerns, then this is perfect for you. It will give you coverage on the upper half and will tighten your tummy. It is very similar to the bodysuit, the only added perk being that you get to use the loo without any hassles. POPxo Recommends: Jockey Seamless Shaping Camisole Shapewear (Rs 1,099) c. The Mid-Thigh Shaper Target areas: Thighs, butt and tummy. Are heavy thighs a concern? Then this is the one for you. It perfectly conceals any imperfections around the thighs, butt or tummy and can be worn under dresses, shorts, pants or skirts for a smooth silhouette. POPxo Recommends: Jockey Seamless Shaping Short Shapewear (Rs 999) d. Shorts/ Panties Target areas: Love handles, tummy and it lifts up your butt.
These are same as the mid-thigh shapers but sans the coverage on the thighs. They will smooth out all the imperfections without flattening out your butt, thanks to that added butt support. POPxo Recommends: Jockey Seamless Shaping Bikini Shapewear (Rs 899) e. Tummy Tucker Target areas: Waist, tummy and love handles. This one slims down your waist and love handles in the best way possible making it a perfect choice to sport under t-shirts, tops and tight dresses to give the illusion of a slim waist. POPxo Recommends: Heart 2 Heart Tummy Shaper (Rs 999) Have you found the perfect one for you, yet? Featured Image: Shutterstock
Published on Oct 21, 2016
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