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Few Days To Go? 7 Easy Tips To Get That Bridal Glow In No Time!

Few Days To Go? 7 Easy Tips To Get That Bridal Glow In No Time!
No matter how busy you are as a bride, you must never neglect your skin. Treat it with love and give it all the care it deserves. Even if you haven’t been looking after it, you can start NOW! Here are 7 last-minute skin care tips for the bride-to-be. Don’t worry, you’re going to look like a dream on your wedding day!

1. Drink Loads Of Water

We can’t stress more on the importance of this simple beauty tip for healthy, glowing skin. Water intake keeps the skin hydrated, fresh and gives it a healthy glow. You can also consume water-rich foods like watermelon, broccoli, cucumber and lettuce. Did we mention that water keeps the acne at bay too?

2. Get Your Beauty Sleep

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No matter how many beauty treatments your skin undergoes, if your skin looks tired, all the effort could go to waste. A week before your wedding, make sure that you’re getting at least 8-10 hours of sleep. It will reduce fine lines and wrinkles too. Go to bed early and wake up to fresh, baby soft skin the next morning! Your bridal beauty will be at its best with this one trick, ladies.

3. Cleanse Your Face Twice A Day

Do this once in the morning and once at night. Never sleep with makeup on, no matter how tired you may be. You’ll not only wake up with pimples, but your skin will look extra oily and feel sticky as well. You can use a makeup remover or a mild face wash to remove the dust and grime. Pat dry using a towel after.

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4. Moisturize Much

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If you’re suffering from dry, oily or flaky skin, you aren’t moisturizing your skin enough. It keeps your skin smooth and allows makeup to set easily on your wedding day. A week before the wedding, make moisturizing your skin twice a day a beauty ritual. You’ll see the positive effects on your big day.

5. Stay Away From New Products

Whether it’s a new skin or haircare product, stay away from it! Just FYI, it takes 3 weeks for your skin to recover from a reaction. Stick to products that agree with your skin and try not to experiment with new beauty products for the first time.

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6. Show Your Lips Some Love

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If you have no time to take care of your lips, just use a toothbrush to de-flake your pout. You can then apply olive oil mixed with white sugar crystals and scrub your lips. Keep it on for 5-10 minutes and wash it off using warm water. You can then apply lip balm or vaseline before you hit the sack. This will help your lipstick look flawless on D-day!

7. Eat Your Way To Pretty Skin

Try to never skip a meal no matter how busy the wedding festivities keep you. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and white meat as they are loaded with vitamins and protein. This will nourish both, your hair and skin. You will also feel energized on your big day because of your healthy, nutritious diet.

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