11 Slightly Weird Questions Girls Have About Boobs… Answered!

11 Slightly Weird Questions Girls Have About Boobs… Answered!
It is absolutely great to have boobs until you find out something new about them and you are like “Wait, what?” Yes, it can be too confusing with all the weird things our bodies can do to actually know everything about our boobs! Well, with POPxo, now you have a one stop-shop where you can come with all your questions. Here are 11 sorta embarrassing questions about boobs...answered!

1. Is boob acne normal?

Yes, it most definitely is. It is annoying but it is absolutely okay to have acne on your breasts. Since our boobs are almost always covered, it can get really sweaty there, resulting in breast acne. It is not a serious medical condition and can be treated by applying baby powder or any other prickly heat powder that soothes the skin and reduces sweating.

2. What is the deal with boob sweat?

Well, just like any other body part, our breasts are bound to get sweaty, especially when warm weather hits or when we go exercising. The problem is that, unlike armpit sweat, boob sweat isn’t discreetly hidden away under our arms, and can definitely be irritating considering our bras can get soaked. But, hey, at least we’re all in it together!

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3. Do they ever stop growing?

Our breasts generally grow for long after we hit puberty. How long they grow and how much depends on every individual’s body - genetics and different body chemistry. Usually, breasts reach their full size when women are somewhere in their twenties. However, you can still witness change in breast size during menstruation and pregnancy, which may or may not be temporary. Plus, with loss and increase of weight too your boob size can come down or go up!

4. Is it okay to have two differently sized breasts?

Yes, in fact, majority of women have differently sized breasts, and the left and the right don’t match perfectly. For some this difference is very subtle and hence not visible, while for others it might be more visible. So yeah, it is completely okay to have two different sized breasts (and sometimes even slightly different shapes!).

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5. Why do boobs get sore before periods?

If you feel your breasts getting sore before your periods, don’t worry. A week before our periods, the progesterone production increases in our body, which can cause the milk ducts to swell, leading to tender breasts. It is normal and usually resolves itself once you start your periods. Until then, you can stick to comfortable bras without any underwire, loose clothing and hot water baths to help with the soreness.

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6. What do you do with boobs while exercising?

Isn’t this a major problem for every girl? Having boobs is great and all, but it can get super annoying when you are running or jumping and they are all over the place! What can you do about it? Well, nothing much because that’s just the way they are...but you can invest in some good quality sports bras with high support to help keep things in place when exercising.

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7. Is it normal to have inverted nipples?

Inverted nipples is a genetic trait and there is no need to feel weird about it. Some women are just born with nipples that don’t protrude out and that’s okay - it’s the way your body is. However, if your nipples are not completely inverted then massaging them on a regular basis may actually help them protrude outwards - you can consult a doctor about this.

8. Why do we get stretch marks on boobs?

First of all, know that it is completely normal to have stretch marks on your boobs. Stretch marks are a result of your skin stretching due to sudden increase in size of your breasts. There is no need to be alarmed, this can happen during puberty or if you gain weight and is fairly common.

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9. Should you sleep with or without your bra?

Sleeping with or without your bra is completely a personal choice. While some feel that it helps prevent the boobs from sagging, others find it very uncomfortable, which it can be with all the underwire and if it is put on too tightly. You don’t have to sleep with your bra on, but if you want to then we suggest wearing something simple and loose which does not make you uncomfortable.

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10. Can your boobs get turned on?

Yes. While having sex (or even making out), just like many other parts of your body, your breasts too get turned on. Your nipples become erect, which is a visible change, but that’s not all - your breasts get bigger, they get more sensitive and they also release “scented sweat” - which, though you won’t be able to consciously smell, turns on both you and your partner more! Talk about multitasking, eh?

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11. Is it normal for nipples to get hard when it’s cold?

It’s normal and common not just among women but also among men! The reason your nipples get hard when it is cold is the same reason you get goosebumps when it gets cold. The areolae, which is the area around your nipples, have smooth muscle cells that contract when stimulated (whether by cold or arousal) - just like the tiny muscles attached to our hair follicles which cause goosebumps on stimulation by cold or excitement!

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