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13 Gorgeous & Edgy Hairstyles That We Totally Adore!

13 Gorgeous & Edgy Hairstyles That We Totally Adore!
Do you think it’s time to do something different with your hair? Want to try a newer, funkier hairstyle? If you’re looking for a dramatic change, something other than those usual long layers then look no further! We have 13 edgy haircuts for girls to inspire you...

1. This fabulous, violet A-line bob...

1 edgy haircuts Image: leahfittsbeautydesign on Instagram We love the haircut, and the stunning colour just adds that extra edge to it. You’ll be surprised how great a shade like this would look with Indian skin.

2. The Cleopatra cut in modern day

2 edgy haircuts Image: bell_thestylist on Instagram This hairdo just looks so exotic, doesn’t it? Pair it with a dark lipstick and cat eyeliner to get the whole look!

3. This hair tattoo that is all kinds of awesome…

3 edgy haircuts Image: dennisjosephbabyliss on Instagram Hair tattoos are the newest rage, and this elaborate one looks so great, doesn’t it? And since it’s on the underside, you can simply cover it with your hair on days you’re not feeling very adventurous.

4. The sleek pixie cut

4 edgy haircuts Image: labellasalon_miami on Instagram This haircut is so sleek and stylish. Perfect for the “working girl” look, isn’t it? If you’re considering going short, this is such a chic style.

5. A cute curly bob!

5 edgy haircuts Image: tiffdastylist on Instagram Who says that haircut options for curly-haired beauties are limited? This razor cut bob looks gorgeous! We’re loving it. Also read: The Best Hair Salons In Delhi To Go To For Your Next Haircut!

6. Spikes for days you want a change

6 edgy haircuts Image: Shutterstock On days you want to amp up your short hair, try going in for some spikes.

7. Rainbow hair that’s so freaking amazing we can’t even...

7 edgy haircuts Image: dyenoble on Instagram The next time you’re getting your hair coloured, why not go for something crazy and gorgeous? This asymmetrical rainbow-coloured hairstyle has our hearts. After all, YOLO!

8. Side shaved & stunning!

8 edgy haircuts Image: buzzcutfeed on Instagram If you want to try something edgier without compromising on the length of your hair, go for a trendy side shave.

9. Big hair, don’t care...

9 edgy haircuts Image: minxhairdressing on Instagram There’s just something so sexy about loads and loads of textured layers to give you this big hair style. Even better when paired with highlights like Selena’s!

10. This pretty puff that we’re loving!

10 edgy haircuts Image: longhairstyles4u on Instagram This puffed hairstyle looks so good! All long-haired beauties must try this for an extra edge to their simple ponytail. Also read: 9 Simple Hairstyles That Look AWESOME On Unwashed Hair!

11. This gorgeous hair halo…

11 edgy haircuts Image: hairbrained_official on Instagram Her curls look alive! Definitely the kind of big, frizzy hair halo we would love to sport. Can you imagine how liberating it would be to get a cut like this and let your curls run wild?!

12. This simple, straight asymmetrical cut for long hair

12 edgy haircuts Image: hbscreative on Instagram Short at the back and long in the front - straight hair never looked this great! *Current hair crush*

13. Hair layers lookin’ good

13 edgy haircuts Image: laceynelson on Instagram Plenty of chopped layers of perfect length can look fab. This look is perfection! Featured image: Shutterstock