10 Beauty Hacks That’ll Make Your Mornings SO Much Easier!

10 Beauty Hacks That’ll Make Your Mornings SO Much Easier!
Everyone wants to look good...but who has the time and energy to put in all that effort primping to look good, every day?! Well, that shouldn’t stop us from looking our best ‘coz there are plenty of easy beauty hacks that can help us keep our beauty game strong even on the laziest of days. Here we are to reveal 10 morning beauty hacks to help our lazy sistas look beautiful each day, every day!

1. Ice it up

1 morning beauty hacks

If you feel your face looks a bit dull, then gently rub an ice cube on your skin before putting on any make up. It will make you feel and look fresher than ever. This is a simple hack to wake up your skin and it barely takes a minute or two!

2. Be it eyes, be it lips

To look your best without making any effort you can choose to focus either on your eyes or your lips. If you’re not a lipstick person then put on some liner and mascara to highlight the eyes and go easy on the lips and vice versa.

3. Go natural with nude eyeliner

3 morning beauty hacks

No matter how tired your eyes look, just glide on a nude eyeliner along your lower lashline/water line to make your peepers look fresher and brighter. Not only does it make the eyes look prettier but it also helps you get that no-eye-makeup look on fleek!

4. Plump up your lips with peppermint

Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your regular lip gloss or lip balm and get an instant plumping effect on your pout. It would add an instant freshness to your face by making your lips appear fuller.

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5. Gotta get dry shampoo

5 morning beauty hacks

Invest in a dry shampoo and save yourself from worrying about washing your hair on days when you’re feeling like the laziest bum. Just keep it for emergencies for fresher looking locks instantly but try not to get too dependent on it.

6. For the love of a favourite fragrance

There must be a perfume or a deodorant that you absolutely love! Do not step out without spraying it on, especially on lazy days, ‘coz it will instantly lift up your mood and make you happy. And as they say - happy girls be the prettiest!

7. Cover the trouble with BB cream

7 morning beauty hacks

If foundations and concealers are not your thing, then you need to invest in a good BB cream and use it to get an even complexion while covering up minor marks and skin imperfections. You can try the Maybelline BB cream as it blends well with Indian skin tones and doesn’t look made up at all. We *love* it!

8. Power of red

Just one swipe of red lipstick will take away that oh-so-lazy expression from your face and make you look super gorgeous. So the next time you feel lazy but still want to look every bit sexy - you know what to do, right? *Wink*

9. Rosy cheeks, pretty chick

9 morning beauty hacks

Adding some colour to your cheeks is a great way to look fresh and pretty, every morning! You can dab some blush on your cheek or just use your lipstick to do the trick right. A pretty dash of colour helps you look fresher and gives you a rosy glow.

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10. Under the shadow of sunscreen

Never ever step out without applying sunscreen. It’s the most common but the best beauty advice you can ever get. Using sunscreen every day will protect you from harmful sun rays and keep your skin protected all day, which means healthy, youthful-looking skin even as you grow older.

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