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"Fashion Is For ALL Sizes... Not Just Size 0" - Devina Malhotra

"Fashion Is For ALL Sizes... Not Just Size 0" - Devina Malhotra

"I started writing about body positivity after a magazine cut me from their shoot because I didn’t fit their definition of a ‘bloggers body’. I knew that I had to speak up and voice my opinions on #fashionforall. Through this initiative I got to connect with beautiful women from across the world who shared the same sentiment. This journey has been both enlightening and full of interesting learnings. I love the whole idea of body positive because it’s about time that women take a positive stand towards their bodies. We don’t have to feel sorry for what we look like and we need to accept that all body types are worthy of self-love, self care. Initially when I started blogging, I used to feel that I was being constantly judged. I remember starting up my YouTube channel and being picked on for the way I talked or the way I looked. At that point, I would respond to haters, pick up fights and constantly try and stand up for myself. Five years later, I feel that I have evolved and am more mature and choose to simply ignore the haters. I’ve learned over time that the universe brings people and events into your path for a reason. My drive to never give up keeps me motivated always. When the going gets tough, I visualize myself achieving my goals and I sail through. Devina malhotra inside I am in an industry where a lot of importance is placed on the way we look, the way we talk and our outward appearances. Even though I am a fashion blogger, I was never petite, I have an athletic build and Punjabi genes that have been both a boon and a bane. I have had days when I was expected to fit into designer outfits 2 sizes too small! But for me what dress size I fit into is not important. Being mentally and physically fit is more important. Fitness is a way of life! There is nothing that helps me deal with stress better than a good run and yoga. I firmly believe that being healthy and physically fit has a direct connection to happiness and accomplishment, whatever your personal definition of that may be. As a blogger I always feel like I never have enough time. Especially since we don’t have scheduled 9-5 working hours. The timing of a story is everything in this line of work, so whether it’s the wee hours of the night of the crack of dawn. We have to put in the hours. But I always try to pack in some non-work activities as well. Things like reading a book, gardening, writing a letter or baking. These little things help me recharge my batteries for a more productive day. To achieve anything in life, along with the drive you need to have the passion to make things work. If you aren’t crazy about your idea, your business, or your work then it’s absolutely not worth taking the plunge. I constantly work on my weakness and don’t take the mediocre route. But at the same time I feel that you can’t achieve it all without the love and support of people. It’s important to surround yourself with people who look past your flaws and appreciate your wild ideas. Nobody knows me better than my folks, and they have always been there for me. My advice to young women would be to to accept that there is nothing wrong with being insecure, be it about your work or your dreams. Embrace your fears, work hard and beat them!" Devina Malhotra is a fashion, style and beauty blogger. * This post is in association with PUMA. To be a part of the DO YOU movement register here
Published on Oct 15, 2016
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