Decoding Dating Lingo: 15 Terms And What They Really Mean!

Decoding Dating Lingo: 15 Terms And What They Really Mean!
If you’re the one who’s always on a lookout for new slang words and acronyms then you’re at the right place. We’re here to upgrade your knowledge by revealing 15 dating slang words. Read on to know these cool words that have become a part of the modern dating world. Welcome to 2016, BB!

1. Snatchchat: Getting naughty on Snapchat

Example: ‘Let’s snatchchat tonight?’

2. F&F: Flirt and forget

Example: ‘No, I’m not looking for a F&F kind of relationship.'

2 dating slang words

3. Slow fade: Trying to get away from someone gradually

Example: ‘I think he’s isn't interested in me anymore, he’s trying to slow fade me.’

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4. PAW: Parents are watching

Example: ‘Can’t talk right now ‘coz PAW!’

4 dating slang words

5. SAF: Single as fuck

Example: ‘No, I’m not dating him, I’m SAF!’

6. Mack on: To flirt with someone

Example: ‘He started to mack on me last night.’

6 dating slang words

7. HAK: Hugs and kisses

Example: ‘Don’t forget to call me when you reach home. HAK!’

8.  Tindering: Being quite active on Tinder

Example: ‘Stop tindering all the time and go out in the real world!’

8 dating slang words

9. FBO: Facebook official (going official about your relationship on FB)

Example: ‘Are you two going FBO anytime soon?’

10. Googly Eyes: Staring at someone you like

Example: ‘She’s got me all googly eyed!’

10 dating slang words

11. FWB: Friends with benefits

Example: ‘Umm… There's nothing serious going on with him. We’re just FWB!’

12. Draking: Acting all emotional after a breakup

Example: ‘It’s been SO long since she broke up with him but she’s still in that draking phase.’

12 dating slang words

13. Jelly: Jealous

Example: ‘C’mon! Stop being jelly of him, he’s just a friend!’

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14. BB: Baby

Example: ‘I love you BB.’

14 dating slang words

15. OTP: One True Pairing (Perfect couple)

Example: ‘They both make one hell of an OTP! Look how cute they look together!’

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