7 Awesome Tips To Help You Nail *Couple Dressing*

7 Awesome Tips To Help You Nail *Couple Dressing*
Couples who dress together stay together! If you and your partner love stepping out in style and dress to impress, you’re at the right place. Couple dressing can make two different people look one and more in sync with each other. The way the two of you dress can not just make you compliment one another, but also pull off what we call #couplegoals. Now, that’s something we all want, no? Look no more because these 7 couple dressing tips will ensure you and your bae are stylishly in sync.

1. Exactly Matching Is A No No!

1 couples who dress together stay together

Image: Gigi Hadid On Instagram

Unless you’re going for a fancy dress party with your twin sister, exactly matching clothes are an absolute no no. Style coordination with your better half isn’t all about looking exactly the same. Look at Zayn and Gigi for instance, they’re both rocking all-black looks but the orange accents on Gigi’s sweat helps break the monotony. Don’t they look adorbs?

2. Keep An Eye On Details

2 couples who dress together stay together

Image: Ranveer Singh On Instagram

Nail the details, friend! Subtle things like his tie matching the embroidery on your suit, or carrying a bag that matches the colour of his tie can make all the difference. For those of you who don’t want to go OTT style coordinating with your partner, minimal things like these would work brilliantly!

3. Be Colour Correct

3 couples who dress together stay together

Image: Kareena Kapoor Khan On Instagram

Colour coordination doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the same colours. You can look in sync with each other by choosing to wear contrast colours or go with neutral colours. If you want to work around the same colour as your partner, try choosing a different shade to maintain a balanced look. The classic combination of black and white for instance, can never go wrong!

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4. Dress At The Same Level

4 couples who dress together stay together

Image: Shahid Kapoor On Instagram

Always keep in mind the occasion you’re getting dressed for. Be it a formal dinner or a casual Sunday brunch, remember to dress at the same level as your partner. You don’t want to walk out wearing a gown while he’s put on his running shoes, right?

5. Decide Your Outfits Beforehand

5 couples who dress together stay together

Image: Bipasha Basu On Instagram

A little discussion about what you both are planning to wear will do you more good than you think. Have a talk about what you think would be the right kind of thing to wear for the occasion, and style coordinate accordingly. This way you’ll be more excited than nervous about seeing your guy at the event!  

6. Know Which Outfits To Match

6 couples who dress together stay together

Image: Twinkle Khanna On Instagram

Casual, everyday looks are easier to play around with when it comes to dressing stylishly as a couple. But if you really want to experiment with formal or Indian wear, you must know what should be matched and what shouldn’t be. You may love androgyny but wearing a pantsuit may not be a great idea when your partner is wearing it too! For a formally coordinated look, you could choose to wear a pencil skirt with a well fitted blouse instead of a business suit.

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7. Know Your Fabrics

7 couples who dress together stay together

Image: Deepika Padukone On Instagram

Last but not the least, know the fabric you’re wearing. Denims could be matched in several ways for a casual day wear look. Whereas, for an ethnic formal look, you can always refer to the fabrics you both are wearing and accessorize accordingly. If for instance you’re wearing a chanderi saree, ask him to stay away from wearing all chanderi. However, he can use chanderi in a minimalistic way to accessorize his look.

There are no hard and fast rules for couple dressing. But these few tips may help you get better at complementing each other’s style!