9 Bridal Beauty ‘Rules’ You CAN Totally Ignore!

9 Bridal Beauty ‘Rules’ You CAN Totally Ignore!
The way brides dress up nowadays - from the colours they choose for their wedding outfits to the kind of jewellery they opt for - everything is changing and brides are breaking the traditional outfit rules with swag. So why can’t they break some of the beauty rules too that are being followed since ages? If you’re not sure about how to go about it, we have come up with a list of bridal beauty rules to break! Go ahead and be bold, after all, some rules are made to be broken, right?

Rule to break #1: You need heavy makeup

1 bridal beauty rules to break

Don’t get caught up in beauty trends and contour your face using bronzer and highlighter. If it’s a day wedding, the contour can look really harsh. Yes, it’s your day but try to mellow down on the amount of makeup you decide to apply. Do not go overboard with it just because you are the bride, you’re going to outshine everyone anyway. *wink*

Rule to break #2: Wear an elaborate bindi

Remember the movies where actresses used to apply red and white dots on their forehead extending to over the eyebrow? Well, you can completely skip this part while getting ready! These days brides are opting for broad maang tikkas or paasas where you don’t really need to apply such an elaborate bindi.

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Rule to break #3: Don’t go with bold makeup on both eyes and lips

3 bridal beauty rules to break

Don’t even listen to anyone who tells you not to go bold on both your eyes and lips! If your bridal outfit is a head-turner (which we are sure, it is), going tastefully bold on both eyes and lips brings attention back to your face! Moreover, you’ll look gorgeous in your wedding pictures. Besides, this is one day you get to go all out with your makeup!

Rule to break #4: Wear a gajra to adorn the hair

You can skip the floral accessories if you feel there’s already too much jewellery on your head. If you’re not careful with fresh flowers, they can wilt pretty soon and ruin the look of your beautiful hairdo.

Rule to break #5: Use only red or pink lipsticks

5 bridal beauty rules to break

Red or pink might be conventional lip colours for the bride but these days there ample shades to choose from. Shades like wine, oxblood, orange and burgundy should be on your must-try list!

Rule to break #6: Don’t apply too many coats of mascara

As long as the mascara is waterproof, go ahead! It will make your eyes pop in photographs and you will look oh-so-beautiful with those long lashes.

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Rule to break #7: Opt for a tied up hairstyle

7 bridal beauty rules to break

This rule is something you should definitely break! Who says brides cannot keep their hair open? There are some gorgeous hairstyles for brides who want to keep their hair open on the wedding day. Go, check them out!

Rule to break #8: Use a lot shimmer

We have seen brides applying shimmer on their backs and all over the face! A little shimmer on the cheeks gives your face a fresh look but worn on the nose or forehead, it gives your skin a greasy appearance. For the lit from within glow, apply sheer gold shimmer on your cheekbones, cupid's bow and just under the eyebrows.

Rule to break #9: Unwashed hair makes for a better hairstyle

9 bridal beauty rules to break

Yes, unwashed hair makes for a better updo as a little texture helps retain the style for much longer and in a proper manner. But at the same time, you don’t want your hair looking greasy on your wedding day. If you can get away without washing, great, but if you feel that washing your hair will make you feel and look much better, then definitely go ahead with it! Just make sure to inform your stylist to carry hair products that will help with the grip of your updo.

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