Bridesmaid 101: 7 Beauty Hacks The Bride Will Thank You For!

Bridesmaid 101: 7 Beauty Hacks The Bride Will Thank You For!
Being a bridesmaid at your bestie’s wedding is fun, but it does come with a bit of responsibility too! It’s her big day and you’ve got to be by her side to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that she looks her absolute best, don’t you? So here we reveal 7 makeup and bridal beauty hacks every bridesmaid should know to ensure that nothing is out of place, and that the bride looks radiant and flawless through all the functions!

1. Be hairspray ready!

Any hairstyle can begin to look a tad shabby after a couple of hours. So to make sure that the very fancy hairstyle you and your bestie chose for her big day remains intact, keep a bottle of hairspray with you. If you see her hair misbehave, you know what to do, right?

2. Stock up on those tissues

Because you know she can be an emotional mess at times and on her wedding day there are very many chances that she might shed a few happy or sad or confused tears from time to time. And you don’t want that to wash away her makeup, do you? So keep a pack of tissues with you and hand one to her each time you feel she needs it!

2 bridal beauty hacks

3. The power of perfume!

She looks like a dream, sure, but help her smell like one too! Keep a bottle of her favourite perfume handy and spray it on her if needed...but don’t overdo it, because you don’t want her or the groom to be sneezing throughout the wedding! *Wink*

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4. Touch-up kit

This one is so important that we don’t even need to elaborate on it. Keep a touch-up kit ready and freshen up her makeup whenever you feel she needs it. Remember to keep that same shade of lipstick, blusher and eyeliner that she is wearing already!

4 bridal beauty hacks

5. Treat the tweezer right

Yes, your bride bestie has had various beauty appointments and every strand of unwanted hair had been pulled out by experts, but it’s a good idea to keep a tweezer or a razor within your reach so that you can help her get rid of any stray hair that you might spot in the bright lights.

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6. Glue for the falsies!

Rarely is there a bride who doesn’t wear false eyelashes on her wedding day. So if your bestie uses falsies too, make sure that you tuck a tiny bottle of glue to fix them in case they begin to fall off at the wrong time!

6 bridal beauty hacks

7. Keep the contact number of her makeup artist

Most makeup artists consider their job done after the bride is ready, but you can always contact them in case of makeup emergencies during the function. So keeping the contact number of her makeup artist on speed dial is a wise thing to do, dear bridesmaids!

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