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25 Awesome Perfumes Within 2000 Bucks To Keep Women Fresh All Day Long! - 2019 Update

25 Awesome Perfumes Within 2000 Bucks To Keep Women Fresh All Day Long! - 2019 Update

Perfumes are the best way to complement any look. They not only give a good impression of our personality but also make us feel good and refreshing as long as they stay on our body. Although we would like to have a collection of different good perfumes, unfortunately, our pockets don’t allow that some time. So instead of spending a large amount of your money on expensive perfumes, you can make a smart choice of buying perfumes which are affordable yet awesome.

25 Perfumes For Girls Under Rs. 2000

We are here after a good research of perfumes which are available online. So, save your time by picking up a perfume from this given list according to your preferred fragrance.

1. Skinn by Titan sheer Eau de Parfum


The fragrance is cheerful and belongs to the floral family. The perfume comes with a 50 ml bottle. It is a luxurious beauty to have. The fragrance can put you in a good mood while you are trying to chill on a vacation or on a sunday brunch.

Price: Rs.1295, Buy it here.

2. UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON: United Dreams Stay Positive Eau De Toilette For Women


This perfume is made in Spain and comes with a nice glass bottle. Its top notes are bergamot and citrus leaves. Its heart notes are neroli and white flowers accord. Its base notes are sandalwood and musk.

Price: Rs. 1400, Buy it here.

3. TOMMY HILFIGER - Womens Tommy Girl Edt


This perfume comes with a 50 ml glass bottle. Its fragrance is filled with flowers and fruits’ fragrance. The brand is reliable and well known and it’s coming with such a good price after a discount offer.

Price: Rs.1750, Buy it here.

4. ADIDAS Womens Fruity Rhythm Eau De Toilette


Adidas is a well known brand all over the world. This adidas perfume has a floral scent with a fruit blast. It comes with a long staying power. It is a feminine fragrance with the kiss of nature.

Price: Rs. 499, Buy it here.

5. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist - For Women


This sweet fragrance can be spritz on the body after morning shower. The fragrance will stay throughout the day leaving your body to smell fresh and pleasant. You can buy this perfume for everyday wear.

Price: Rs.695, Buy it here.

6. Revlon Charlie Perfume Bottle Gold


This perfume has an engaging and attractive fragrance with the top notes of apricot, peach, plum, citrus and violet leaves. The base notes include the scent of sandalwood, cedar wood, vanilla, musk and caramel. Its fragrance remains refreshing throughout the day.

Price: Rs. 899, Buy it here.

7. Oriflame Amber Elixir Night Eau De Parfum


This sensual fragrance is a must-buy with such an affordable price. It has a floral fragrance with the top notes of citrus fruits. The heart notes consist of rose, jasmine, lilac, raspberry, pear, grass, leaf etc. The base notes include vanilla, moss, cedar and patchouli.

Price: Rs. 1699, Buy it here.

8. Diesel Plus Plus Feminine


This soothing fragrance will go easy on your body as well as your pocket. Its top notes contain bitter orange,valley lily, cassis and pineapple, middle notes contain jasmine, coconut,red apple and milk, and base notes contain musk, sandalwood, virginia cedar & vanille.

Price: Rs. 1199.

Buy it here.

9. Nike Trendy EDT for women


This 75ml bottle contains magic fragrance. You will be surprised to hear the prices! Also, if you look for online perfume sale on different sites you can have more benefit on the prices.

Price: Rs. 569.

Buy it here.

10. Nike Urban Musk Perfume


A woody, musky and floral fragrance is packed in this elegant bottle of Nike. Nike is a trusted brand all over the world and with its reasonable price of this perfume you can definitely give it a try. Its fragrance is suitable for everyday use.

Price: Rs. 599.

Buy it here.

11. Yardley London Lavender Perfume - Eau De Toliette 125ml


This pleasant fragrance of exotic flowers is refreshing. Yardley brings the English scent for the Indian women. It is easily available online and is really reasonable with its price.

Price: Rs. 1300.

Buy it here.

12. Luciano Soprani Her EDP Eau de Parfum


This elegant bottle could be all yours without emptying your pocket. The fragrance of Luciano Soprani perfume is quite fresh and has the ability to uplift your mood any day.

Price: Rs. 1,998.

Buy it here.

13. V 19.69 Italia La Paradis - For Women  

V-19.69-Italia-La-Paradis-popxo This perfume is truly a paradise of fragrance and can give you the royal feel. It is one of our favourites and you should buy one for your collection. It has a divine fragrance which stays for long. It comes with different fragrances packed in different colored bottles but this one is the top choice. This can the best perfume you will ever buy!

Price: Rs. 399.

Buy it here.

14. Versace 19.69 Italia Urbane Perfumed Spray


This Versace perfume is also worthy of your money. Its fragrance is light and energizing. Its urbane fragrance is a choice of many women and perhaps it can be yours too.

Price: Rs. 495.

Buy it here.

15. Moi by Nykaa Raison D'Etre Eau de Parfum


This fragrance from Paris is the best for any mood. The French word ‘moi’ means me and this perfume is designed for the women who are in love with themselves.

Price: Rs. 1800.

Buy it here.

16. The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette


This perfumes brings to you japanese cherry blossom fragrance. It has a fruity and floral scent. The refreshing fragrance would remind you of spring season and the engaging fragrance would be appropriate for a romantic date.

Price: Rs. 1545.

Buy it here.

17. The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne


The classic and refreshing scent of this perfume is light and sophisticated. The fragrance include the scent of green tea, bergamot, lemon and mandarin.

Price: Rs 1195.

Buy it here.

18.Hugo Boss Orange Sunset


Perfect for wearing on a warm, sunny day. It has a citrus, floral scent that keeps you feeling fresh even hours later. Can you imagine wearing this and watching the sunset while holding hands with the love of your life? Sounds really romantic, sigh!

Price: Rs 1,818.

Buy it here.

19. Police Passion


Smelling fresh will never be a struggle anymore once you have this floral yet musky perfume by your side. It lasts for long hours and makes your skin smell absolutely amazing!

Price: Rs 1,220.

Buy it here.

20. Avon Little Black Dress

9 affordable perfumes - Avon Little Black Dress

This scent will not only complement you in your LBD, but will also make you the centre of attention at a party. It has a strong, musky scent with a floral, feminine touch.  

Price: Rs 1,286.

Buy it here.

21. Benetton Let's Love

10 best perfumes for women - Benetton Let's Love

If you believe in love at first sight, you have to try this perfume. And if you don’t, you will fall in love with this perfume with the first spritz! It smells so fresh, and once you spray it on your body, you’ll want to do it again and again!

Price: Rs 1,985.

Buy it here.

22. Calvin Klein CK One Deodorant Stick 75ml


A refreshing fragrance that keeps you away from the odour and wetness. Its fragrance lasts for long hours which keeps you fresh and in a good mood. It is harmless as it is suitable for all skin types.

Price: Rs 1,433

Buy it here.

23. Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas

16 affordable perfumes - Antonio Blue Seduction

Perfecting the art of seduction has never felt this easy as it does with this amazing perfume by none other than the super sexy Antonio Banderas! It’s a floral-aquatic fragrance that will make your boyfriend not want to take his hands off you. *Wink*

Price: Rs 1,365.

Buy it here.

24. Oriflame Love Potion  

19 affordable perfumes - Oriflame Love Potion

A love potion in the form of a fragrance? Hell yeah! It smells so sweet, so divine, that it sets the mood just right. Your crush will definitely sit up and notice!

Price: Rs. 1,640.

Buy it here.

25. Victoria's Secret Love Spell Fragrance Mist New Look (250ml)


Victoria’s Secret perfumes are popular for a good reason. They define quality and live up to almost every woman’s expectation. This one comes in a royal purple luxe bottle and is a blend of cherry blossom and peach infused fragrance that lingers all day.

Price: Rs 1,495.

Buy it here.

We hope you’ve found your signature scent at your desired prices through this list. Let us know which one you like the best!

*Note: The prices may be higher or even lower than the given amount due to online sale or offers. Take the given price as the approximate price.