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20 AMAZING Perfumes Under Rs 2,000 - Worth *Every* Rupee!

20 AMAZING Perfumes Under Rs 2,000 - Worth *Every* Rupee!

Perfumes are a girl’s BFF. Not only do they help her smell like a dream, but a signature fragrance complements her personality and expresses it too! Now, we don’t want to be spending tons of money on everyday fragrances since that way we’d end up completely broke...but there are SOME perfumes that are totally worth spending a bit extra on. Whether for special occasions or just because spritzing it on makes you feel amazing...here’s our list of slightly more expensive ones. Presenting the BEST perfumes for women in India...under Rs 2,000!

1. Calvin Klein CK In2u

1 best perfumes for women - Calvin Klein CK In2u For a super confident and sophisticated woman like yourself, this oh-so fresh perfume is just perfect! An exuberant, floral scent that last all day, it’s no wonder that this bestseller by Calvin Klein is so popular around the world. Price: Rs 1,666. Buy it here.

2. FCUK Anniversary Edition

2 affordable perfumes - FCUK Anniversary Edition We love this pretty golden perfume bottle because it looks so modern and elegant. This perfume has a floral fruity fragrance that’s perfect for making a mesmerising impression wherever you go. Price: Rs 1,812. Buy it here.

3. Paris Hilton Heiress

3 affordable perfumes - Paris Hilton Heiress This perfume is a personal favourite. The pink glittery glass bottle looks oh-so chic and the floral scent is absolutely divine. It really brings out the true heiress in you! Price: Rs 1,375. Buy it here.

4. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC

4 affordable perfumes - Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC The beauty of this baby is that it will actually make you feel like you hail from New York City’s super-fashionable 5th Avenue! The fragrance is subtle and fruity - and comes in the most elegant glass bottle.
Price: Rs 1,859. Buy it here.

5. La Nuit De Boheme Black by Anna Sui

5 affordable perfumes - Anna Sui La Nuit De Boheme Black Ever wanted to make a trip to fairyland? This dreamy perfume will make that fantasy of yours come true! Sweet, warm and sophisticated, this fragrance comes in a gorgeous black rose bottle and has a golden butterfly at the top. There’s a sexy air of mystery about this perfume! Price: Rs 1,890. Buy it here.

6. Hugo Boss Orange Sunset

6 affordable perfumes - Hugo Boss Orange Sunset Perfect for wearing on a warm, sunny day. It has a citrus, floral scent that keeps you feeling fresh even hours later. Can you imagine wearing this and watching the sunset while holding hands with the love of your life? Sounds really romantic, sigh! Price: Rs 1,994. Buy it here.

7. DVB Story - Beckham Signature

7 affordable perfumes - DVB Story - Beckham Signature If you have a crush on David Beckham, you might want to pick this perfume up. The scent is that of sweet flowers and bitter orange peels - and it’s a long-lasting that is bound to become your favourite everyday fragrance.
Price: Rs 1,344. Buy it here.

8. Police Passion

8 affordable perfumes - Police Passion Smelling fresh will never be a struggle anymore once you have this floral yet musky perfume by your side. It lasts for long hours and makes your skin smell absolutely delicious! Price: Rs 1,055. Buy it here.

9. Avon Little Black Dress

9 affordable perfumes - Avon Little Black Dress This scent will not only complement you in your LBD, but will also make you the centre of attention at a party. It has a strong, musky scent with a floral, feminine touch.   Price: Rs 1,121. Buy it here.

10. Benetton Let's Love

10 best perfumes for women - Benetton Let's Love If you believe in love at first sight, you have to try this perfume. It smells so fresh, and once you spray it on your body, you’ll want to do it again and again! Price: Rs 1,620. Buy it here.

11. Guess Seductive

11 best perfumes for women - Guess Seductive Women This one has a sweet, floral, irresistible scent and the power to grab attention. Perfect for wearing on dates and wooing your crush in the best way possible! You’ll surely make him want to keep coming back for more with this flirty perfume.  
Price: Rs 1,572. Buy it here.

12. Davidoff Cool Water

12 affordable perfumes - Davidoff Cool Water This one’s a classic and every girl must try using it once in her life. The light, aquatic scent will make you feel SO refreshed instantly. (Plus, it’s on discount!) Price: Rs 1,750. Buy it here.

13. JLo Glow by Jennifer Lopez

13 affordable perfumes - JLo Glow Who wouldn’t want to smell as amazing as the diva herself?! Well, now you can with her signature perfume! This is a scent that is sparkling, sexy and warm. Price: Rs 1,779. Buy it here.

14. Eau De Prep Tommy Girl

14 affordable perfumes - Eau De Prep Tommy Girl A super feminine fragrance that manages to be sweet, sporty and elegant all at the same time. We think it’s a super choice for an everyday scent! Price: Rs 1,585. Buy it here.

15. Versus Red Jeans by Versace

15 best perfumes for women - Versace Red Jeans Perfect for casual and daily wear, this fragrance is meant for the woman who is forever young-at-heart. It’s a mixture of floral and fruity scents, which is great for staying fresh on hot summer days.    
Price: Rs 1,573. Buy it here.

16. Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas

16 affordable perfumes - Antonio Blue Seduction Perfecting the art of seduction has never felt this easy... with this amazing perfume by none other than the super sexy Antonio Banderas! It’s a floral-aquatic fragrance that will make your boyfriend not want to take his hands off you. *Wink* Price: Rs 1,392. Buy it here.

17. Gap Stay

17 affordable perfumes - Gap Stay If scents could take the stress away out of everyday life, this perfume would have to be it! It has a cool, breezy and calm fragrance that will linger on your skin for hours. It will help you feel fresh and active all day. Price: Rs 1,012. Buy it here.

18. DKNY Red Delicious

18 affordable perfumes - DKNY Red Delicious A floral, musky perfume that smells just like the name suggests - delicious! Feminine without being overwhelming, all you need is just two spritzes of this perfume to keep smelling yummy all day. Price: Rs 1,824. Buy it here.

19. Oriflame Love Potion  

19 affordable perfumes - Oriflame Love Potion
A love potion in the form of a fragrance? Hell yeah! It smells so sweet, so divine that it sets the mood just right. Your crush will definitely sit up and take notice! Price: Rs. 1,505. Buy it here.

20. Victoria's Secret Sheer Love

20 affordable perfumes - Victoria's Secret Sheer Love Victoria’s Secret perfumes are popular for good reason. They define quality and live up to almost every woman’s expectation. This one comes in a royal purple luxe bottle and is a royal plum and freesia infused fragrance that lingers all day. Price: Rs 1,950. Buy it here. We hope you’ve found your signature scent through this list. Let us know which ones you like the best! Featured Image: Shutterstock
Published on Oct 14, 2016
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