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15 AMAZING Korean TV Shows That Every Girl Should Watch!

15 AMAZING Korean TV Shows That Every Girl Should Watch!
Korean dramas are pretty well known across the globe for their dramatic effect as well as comic relief. We know that many of you are curious about which Korean shows to watch, so we have created a Korean drama list, comprising of some amazing shows which have super interesting storylines that we’re sure you will love! Check out these 15 best Korean shows that every 20-something should definitely watch!

1. Boys Over Flowers

What happens when a righteous but middle class girl enters a prestigious school and encounters four bullies? Lots of action, drama, heartbreak and love, of course! When Geum Jan-di is forced by the circumstances to join Shinhwa High School, the institute made by the rich and for the rich, she tries to keep away from trouble, especially the F4 - four guys who bully the entire school. But after she stands up for her friend, she finds herself falling for one of the F4 members while the leader of the group finds himself falling for her. The story, along with its comic moments and bucket loads of love, keeps you captivated throughout!
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2. Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang

Chun Hyang, an intelligent, hard working girl, finds herself stuck in a house one night with one of her schoolmates, Lee Mong-Ryong, who is also the son of the chief of police. As fate would have it, everyone assumes that the two of them got intimate when they spent the night together and it is agreed upon that the two should get married. Chun Hyang and Lee Mong-Ryong get married despite their strong hatred towards each other and so ensues their journey of life and love. The show takes us through several years of their lives, when they are together and separate, and we see two characters helping each other grow despite not being able to stand each other. Read more here.

3. The Return Of Superman

This one is a reality show which is as entertaining as the fictional ones. The show is about celebrity fathers who have to handle their children for 48 hours with absolutely no help from their wives. What ensues in every episode is both hilarious and touching!
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4. Princess Hours

Shin Chae-Kyung’s life turns topsy-turvy when she finds herself betrothed to her classmate who is also the Crown Prince of South Korea. Due to her financial situation, she agrees to marry him but palace life is just a little too much for her. Several ups and downs arrive in the newlywed couple’s life as they struggle to like each other and the prince’s cousin brother starts to fancy Shin Chae-Kyung!
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5. Who Are You: School 2015

Two identical twins who had been separated at the time of birth, find themselves living two completely different lives. But when one goes missing and the other is mistaken for her twin sister...comedy and heartbreak follow! In a world where no one believes what her true identity is, the show focuses on how she struggles to get back her life while simultaneously getting used to her missing sister’s world.
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6. Full House

A struggling writer goes off for vacation leaving her house with her friends and returns to the house sold off to a big superstar. With nowhere to go, the two of them decide to live together and here begins the story of a full house and them finding solace with each other. Read more here.

7. Secrets Of Women

Ji-Yoo, a woman of pure heart ends up on the darker side of things when she finds herself in a world of betrayals. And so her journey to seek revenge from the people who have hurt her begins... This dramatic thriller highlights the woes of being a woman and just the trailer gets our hearts racing!
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8. Doctors

Hye Jung is a teenager who has given up hope. After her mother’s death, Jung has been violent and impolite to others and doesn’t believe her life is worth much. Her father leaves her to take care of her grandmother and Jung’s situation just worsens until she meets a man who guides her through life, as a friend and a teacher. Doctors is about this relationship of affection and kindness between a teacher and his student and how he motivates her to follow her dreams.
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9. The Unusual Family

This is a drama about two countryside girls from the same family with two very different dreams. While one aims to find ways to support rural communities, the other dreams of a Cinderella life and can’t wait to get out of her hometown. When both of them move to Seoul, where will these different dreams take them and will they ever find a common ground?
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10. W: Two Worlds

W: Two Worlds comes with a very interesting storyline. Oh Yeon Joo, a surgeon, is the daughter of the writer of a webtoon - W, who mysteriously goes missing. When Yeon Joo visits his office she finds herself in a part of the webtoon world that her father created which she can enter and exit only when the feelings of the main character Kang Cheol change! The story is original and definitely gets you wondering what happens next, episode after episode. Read more here.

11. Oh My Venus!

Kang Joo Eun was envied by all girls and desired by all men in high school and was often referred to as Daejeon Venus for her killer looks. She grows up to become one of the finest lawyers in the town. But with time, she has gained weight and completely disregarded her looks all these years. In a chance encounter, she meets Kim Yeong Ho - a celebrity fitness trainer sent back to Korea from the US because of a controversy. Their lives change as Joo Eun gets dumped by her boyfriend of 15 years and Yeong Ho finds himself helping her out, something quite out of character for him! But will Joo Eun go back to being her Venus self or embrace who she is now?
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12. That Winter, The Wind Blows

This one is a melodramatic show that revolves around the life of a con-man who pretends to be the brother of a blind heiress. When they meet, both are damaged souls but their extraordinary journey together fixes them and teaches them the true meaning of love. This TV show is an adaptation of an earlier Japanese TV show by the name of I Don’t Need Love, Summer which was also turned into a Korean movie Love Me Not. Read more about it here.

13. Pageturner

This is a story of three lives beginning from the life of Yoo-Seul who is a talented pianist studying in a prestigious art school and a page turner (people who turn the pages of the book of compositions while another musician performs) but her life changes after an accident when she is told she might never be able to play the piano again. Soon the lives of Yoo-Seul, her friend Cha-Sik and her rival Jin-Mok, start to intertwine as the three of them struggle to bring back the happiness in their lives.
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14. Emergency Couple

Two youngsters get married but things don’t work out and in a bitter frame of mind they get a divorce soon after. However, they meet again as interns in an emergency room. Now they face the challenge of a demanding job while also handling the animosity between them. The perfect story of love lost and found, Emergency Couple is about the exciting and entertaining journey of Jin-Hee and Chang-Min! Read more here.

15. Puberty/ Adolescence Medley

A boy who has changed schools too many times, finds himself at a country school that he doesn’t quite like. Believing that even this wouldn’t last forever, he picks a fight with a powerful senior and asks his classmate out, simply because he knows he will be getting out of there soon anyway. However, his life takes a turn when he finds out that he will be staying there until graduation and now he has to carry the responsibilities he took on and deal with the things he messed up!
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