13 Chick Flicks To Watch With Your Besties On A Girls Night In!

13 Chick Flicks To Watch With Your Besties On A Girls Night In!
Living in a new city all by yourself can be a PITA, especially if you don’t have awesome roomies! But with your roomies to keep you company, the most boring days can be turned around and made the most exciting. You guys laugh, cry, fight, share secrets and gossip together. Basically, you are each other’s home away from home. So this friday night when you don’t want to dress up and go out, but want to have a girls night in, here are some lighthearted movies you can watch with your roommates! Get ready for the movie marathons with your friends, already!

1. Sex And The City (Parts 1 & 2)

Grab some popcorn, cola and watch both parts, back to back! It’s the story of four friends who are very different from each other and yet best friends and confidants. It is fun to watch them deal with life like bosses while holding on to their friendship through thick and thin!

1 best chick flicks

2. Queen

Tum jiska naam lo uski har baat maani hai maine,” is something Rani confesses to her newfound friend after having a couple of drinks. This simple girl who has always lived by the rules finds herself in Paris on her honeymoon...all alone. This trip changes her perspective towards life and herself. Oh and also, it may make you want to go to Paris.

3. The Devil Wears Prada

A smart, sensible journalism graduate finds herself working for Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of Runway, a high-end fashion magazine. Not only is Miranda a big name in the industry, she is also not easy to work for, at all. Andrea feels like a misfit and is almost on the verge of crumbling down under the pressure. Watch her ace the game and checkmate the life she does not want to live.

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4. Angry Indian Goddesses

This is not just a movie, it is a ride. So just buckle up and ride along this very adventurous, impromptu bachelorette of Freida that soon turns very interesting as secrets spill from every heart. With Freida not revealing who her betrothed is, and the party getting crazier by the minute, this is an insanely real watch. Girl bonding at its best.

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5. The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

Four best friends, who have been together forever, spend their first summer apart from each other as their lives takes them different ways. In a bid to stay together and connected, they pass on a pair of denims which fit all of them despite their different body structures. An extremely interesting and entertaining watch.

5 best chick flicks

6. Piku

This one is a lemon among the mangoes! It’s fun, with some hilarious dialogues that may even make you go “Ew.” Piku lives with her aged father who is obsessed with his stomach troubles. He is adamant about going to Kolkata and that too by road. Watch as the adventure filled with drama, laughter and unforgettable moments unfolds.

7. 10 Things I Hate About You

The story is about two sisters, Bianca and Kate, who are very different from each other. One is a social butterfly and the other believes that she is not entitled to fulfil anyone else’s expectations but her own. Bianca wants to date, but her dad has the rule, “No dating till you graduate,” which he later changes to “Bianca can date if Kate does.” Watch how this changes the game for both the sisters and brings them closer.

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8. Khoobsurat

Mili is a bindass physiotherapist who believes in living life king size. When she travels to Sambhalgarh to treat the king of the royal family, she finds herself surrounded by a highly formal and aloof family. Anything she does in the palace looks like high-end drama only because the rest of the palace is too boring. But Mili’s fairytale begins when the prince falls in love with her.

9. The Princess Diaries (Part 1 & 2)

Most of us have dreamed of being a princess in a gorgeous gown with a sparkling tiara and a sprawling palace. Well, this is that dream turned into a movie. After overcoming the initial shock of discovering that she is a princess, Mia learns that being a princess is so much more than just looking pretty. Watch her transform from a geeky teenager to a princess.

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10. Luv Ka The End

Teenage love by some is considered the most innocent. But what if it was a game all along? Rhea finds out that Luv has been pretending to be her boyfriend, and is not actually in love with her. She is just a ticket to his winning a contest (Billionaire Boys Club) and he was willing to do anything to achieve that. Watch Rhea and her friends bring down Luv and his chamchas in this extremely fun and badass flick! Girl power!

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11. She’s The Man

This one’s inspired by William Shakespeare's play, Twelfth Night. When the girls' soccer team is cut off, Viola tries to join the boys' team instead. But her misogynistic coach refuses. She agrees to cover for her twin brother Sebastian, who, instead of going to the elite boarding school like he’s supposed to, goes off to London with his band. Her plan was to join their boys' soccer team and defeat Cornwall in an upcoming game. Watch how her adventure pans out!

11 best chick flicks

12. Gippi

This one is relatable as hell! Gippi, who is a tad bit overweight, struggles through her teens in an attempt to balance the physical and social changes that come with her growing up. After testing and experimenting quite a lot, she learns to love herself just the way she is and look beyond her physicality.

13. The Intern

The Intern is a role reversal in terms of age. A 60-year-old man, Ben, joins a fashion startup, About The Fit, headed by the young and energetic Jules Ostin. Watch Jules try to juggle her personal life, her dreams and aspirations for her company, as Ben uses his experience to help her out and, strangely enough, fit well in the organization as well. A lighthearted watch to end a hectic day.

13 best chick flicks

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