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From Watching TV To Being On It: Ambika Anand Shares Her Story!

From Watching TV To Being On It: Ambika Anand Shares Her Story!

“While growing up Doordarshan was all we had. But I was fascinated by the world of television and really wanted to be a part of the medium. So I was very excited when I got an opportunity to work in television as an anchor. It’s where my journey began. When I joined TV, there was one person who was 10 or 15 years senior to me who was obnoxiously rude to me for no apparent reason. But I still remember, that for that one person who was always bringing me down, there were five other people who were equally senior to me, who were very nice and supportive. This has helped me shape some of the ideals in my career. I make a conscious effort to be encouraging to people who are younger to me. They need it. It helps them grow. In my work space it’s all about teamwork. It’s very important to infuse positivity into your body, soul and your workspace. This is why I am so focused on fitness. When I do yoga early in the morning, it energises me and keeps me going the entire day. It is something I love because it helps get better blood circulation and this manifests in my appearance, in my mindset. Yoga, for me, is a way of life. I love what working out does to your body and to your skin. It helps me look fitter and feel better. I love experimenting with workouts and think of it as an art form. Ambika Anand inside I have been lucky to have worked with great people. I guess I attract what I embody. I have a simple way of dealing with haters and non-believers. I choose to never respond to them. I think that’s a waste of my time. Also, it just serves to gives them the attention they crave. Don’t listen to people who body shame you or call you names. I think you become the protagonist of body shaming when your job profile is stereotyped. The important thing is to appreciate the work-life balance you’ve built. All the people I work with also aim to maintain such a balance. Separate out your work from the rest of your life. When you are not working, you need to completely switch off and focus on the task at hand. Whether it’s reading a book, watching TV or simply enjoying a cup of tea. Just switch off.” Ambika Anand is an Indian TV anchor and the editor in chief, fashion at NDTV Good Times. * This post is in association with PUMA. To be a part of the DO YOU movement register here
Published on Oct 12, 2016
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