10 Things You'll ONLY Get If You Went To An All Girls’ College!

10 Things You'll ONLY Get If You Went To An All Girls’ College!
For all those of you who went to an all girls college, chances are that you have often encountered the question, ‘So what is it really like to attend college without any boys?’ Well, in addition to that, check out these 10 things that you’ll get if you went to an all girls' college.  

1. Wearing PJs to classes is totally okay...


1 all girls college

2. You have strong opinion about makeup!

MAC might be your Mecca or you could loathe the very existence of foundation, there is no in-between. So while some girls dolled-up every morning before they got to college, there were many who went au-naturale!

3. When you see a boy in college…

...how did THAT even happen?!

3 all girls college (1)

4. ‘Ughh...I’m getting cramps’, ‘I need to get waxed’ - things you often heard in the campus corridors

Period. Orgasm. Body Hair. Menstrual Cramps. Words like these get thrown around so frequently in a girls college that they don’t even make you flinch anymore.

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5. Girl power!

Studying and learning so much among so many capable and talented girls only motivated you more to never let gender be a factor in determining how far you go in life. Go girl power!

5 all girls college

6. You still aren’t sure where the men’s washrooms are

Are they down the corridor to the left? Or on the right? Guess we’ll never know.

7. You can always find someone to borrow a sanitary pad from...

Or Meftal, for that matter.

7 all girls college

8. Feminism all the way!

With pretty much every lecture of yours having turned into a gender studies class - it’s feminism all the way!

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9. You know why all girls colleges rule...

Hell, we’re a powerhouse of talent and brains!! And of course, there is beauty too. *Wink*

9 all girls college

10. Girlfriends are for life!

Because the bond girl-friends share is beyond any other! We stick together through thick and thin!

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