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10 Tiny Things You Do That *He* Finds Totally Adorable!

10 Tiny Things You Do That *He* Finds Totally Adorable!

There are things we do to impress a guy, and then there are some things that we do unknowingly that end up being extremely attractive nevertheless... Intrigued? Well, check out these 10 things girls do that guys love!

1. When you flick your hair...

There is something about the way you casually play with your hair, or just tuck a strand behind your ear, or let your hair out of your ponytail that he finds really cute.
1 things girls do that guys love

2. When you put extra sugar in your coffee...

Or the way you choose to organize your closet (Monica Geller, anyone?) Basically, all the random little quirks that make you you, also end up endearing you to your guy.

3. When you talk about something that you are really passionate about...

And the way it makes your eyes gleam with excitement! 3 things girls do that guys love

4. When you remember little things about him...

Be it his favourite character from a series, his idea of comfort food, or his dream holiday destination! Things like these go on to show him how much he means to you. Also read: 10 Things Guys Appreciate More Than “I Love You!”

5. When you crack him up with your sorta lame jokes...

After all, it kind of takes the burden off him to constantly be the ‘funny one’ in the relationship. 5 things girls do that guys love

6. When you wear his t-shirts...

Or his sweatshirts too, for that matter! While those baggy clothes spell comfort for you, they SCREAM sexy to him.

7. When you laugh your no-holds-barred laughter...

There are few things in the world more attractive than the sound of a free-spirited, straight from the heart laughter and that is bound to make any guy swoon over you!
7 things girls do that guys love

8. When you listen to what he has to say...

When you pay attention to his sometimes stupid, sometimes important, and sometimes absolutely insane thoughts, it shows him that you care about him. And what can possibly be more adorable than that?! Also read: 11 Adorable Things Guys Unknowingly Do That Girls Really Love!

9. When you spray on perfume right before meeting him...

The trail of perfume that you leave behind as you walk past him is enough to make him go weak at the knees. And know that you wanted to smell nice for him too! 9 things girls do that guys love

10. When you want to spend time with him just because...

The fact that you can take care of yourself and that you don’t need a man but *want* him in your life instead makes a guy feel really special about himself. See? Subtlety can be sexy too! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Oct 27, 2016
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