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He Has A Younger Sister? 10 Reasons It’s The Best Thing EVER!

He Has A Younger Sister? 10 Reasons It’s The Best Thing EVER!

Having a sister-in-law is awesome… And specially if she is younger to you and your hubby! I mean, besides your husband, she is the one who makes life wonderful in your new home. Call her your new BFF, your soul sister or just the adorable little one - having a younger sister-in-law is definitely the best thing ever!

1. You have female company!

Oh, what a relief it is to have another woman, who is around your age, in your new home. It may take a while for you to get totally chilled out with your mum-in-law, but with your sister-in-law, you don’t really have to try so hard. She makes settling down a lot easier. :-)
1 younger sister in law

2. There is so much you guys can do together!

From all the gossip to catching up on the latest chick flicks, weekend shopping trips and dishing out genuine fashion advice - there’s so much you can do with your new BFF. And guess what, you get to share your accessories, clothes and even makeup! Also read: 8 Fun Ways To Get Along With The Sister-In-Law!

3. Ganging up against the brother?

Well, when the sex ratio is 2:1, you guys obviously have the upper hand right?! You both always win the fight for the TV remote and chances are that weekend plans too are always your call! 3 younger sister in law

4. Better gifts guaranteed!

When a female is advising your hubby, gifts will obviously be better! You don’t even need to drop hints anymore.

5. Daughter-in-law or daughter - NO DIFFERENCE.

Short clothes, late nights, lazy Sundays - your mom-in-law understands that you’ve lived life just like her own daughter has. And she also understands that it’s wrong to expect anything different from you. 5 younger sister in law

6. Cooking a meal sounds like fun!

Don’t know any better than boiling rice? No worries. Because with a sis-in-law at home, you can both have a great time experimenting in the kitchen! And it’s not even a big deal if the end result is just about edible. ;-)

7. You know she trusts you...

You are her go to person when she needs advice on life in general! You are someone she can share everything with - relationships, a new crush, office politics. She trusts you with her secrets and looks up to you as someone who’ll stand up for her no matter what the situation. Your bond only gets stronger with time. 7 younger sister in law

8. Ughh! The family gatherings!

You are each other's support system at all those family gatherings. And her being around makes those boring long functions easier to get through with a smile on your face! Also read: 11 Sweet Ways To Bond With The Sis-In-Law

9. Imagine the fun at her shaadi!

Can you even imagine?! It’s gonna be a madhouse and admit it or not, it’s the one event you’ll have the craziest time planning and being a part of! 9 younger sister in law

10. She’ll be there… For years to come.

Even if she moves out after marriage or for higher studies, you know she’ll always be there when you need her and vice versa. After all, you both share a really special bond with each other, and will be by each other’s side, always. GIFs: Giphy
Published on Sep 7, 2016
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