Which Greek God Or Goddess Are *You* Like? Your Zodiac Reveals!

Which Greek God Or Goddess Are *You* Like? Your Zodiac Reveals!
After having read about the Greek Gods and Goddesses in works of fiction and watching movies about their time, we've all wondered about what life would have been like if we had been born in those times, right? While we might never be able to answer that question, but we sure can tell which god or goddess you are most like, according to your zodiac sign. Read on to find out!

1. Aries - Athena

Aries are born leaders and fiery spirits who are known for their creativity and their sharp wit. If you fall under this sign, you are a lot like Athena - the Greek Goddess of intelligence, reason, art and literature.

1 greek god or goddess

2. Taurus - Aphrodite

Women who fall under this sign are known for always being the one who takes care of who they love. They are fiercely protective and will do anything to make sure that their loved ones are safe. If you are a Taurus girl, you are most like the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Her empathetic nature is very similar to yours and both have dominating traits in your personality.

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3. Gemini - Apollo

If you are a Gemini then you are like the Greek God Apollo, who was much loved and much feared. Like, how every Gemini has two sides to their personality, Apollo too had the same too - one of the harmonizer and one of the destroyer. You both have the capability of doing great things once you make up your mind about what you want to pursue.

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4. Cancer - Hermes

According to the Greek mythology, if you are a Cancerian then you are most like God Hermes. You both play the role of friend, protector, guide and guardian. Hermes was also known as the trickster which is a trait of every Cancerian - they have the ability to trick everyone around them about how they really feel, especially when they are hurt.

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5. Leo - Zeus

There need not be much said about Leos because the world already knows them for their bright personality and leader like qualities. Leo is a fire sign and if you are a Leo girl then you are like the Greek God, Zeus. You tend to be charismatic and proud, just like Zeus. Like the God of civilization, justice and law, you too have the traits of a great leader.  

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6. Virgo - Demeter

A Virgo girl is a lot like the Greek Goddess Demeter. Demeter embodies the Virgo trait of forsaking desires for duty. You both share a very practical and methodical view of the world. You have a deep understanding of your place in the universe and are quite content in knowing it even if others don't quite understand it.

6 greek god or goddess

7. Libra - Hephaestus

The world knows Librans for their charming personality and that million dollar smile. If you are a Libra, you are a lot like Hephaestus. The God of innovation was famous for taming a fire of any magnitude and mould it to his own purpose. You share the same will and creativity and it shows in all your actions!

7 greek god or goddess

8. Scorpio - Ares

Scorpios are known for their mysterious behaviour. So, it should comes as no surprise that if you are a Scorpio girl you are very similar to Ares. You are more loyal to your friends and family than anyone can begin to imagine and this is a trait you share with the son of Zeus and Hera. You also both share the tendency to hide your feelings which can cause people to see you with mistrust.

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9. Sagittarius - Artemis

A Sagittarius girl is most like the Goddess Artemis. You illuminate places that are shrouded in darkness and have always been a seeker of the truth. As a Sagittarius, you not only enjoy all the good things in life but are also very grounded and humble.

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10. Capricorn - Hestia

If you fall under this sign, you are very much like Hestia. Capricorns are famous for their never-back down attitude and their will to trudge on and these are traits you share with Hestia. You bring order and stability to your surroundings and never shy away from hard work.

10 greek god or goddess

11. Aquarius - Hera

Aquarians possess a gentle character and beautiful artistic skills. They also share many key characteristic with Hera, wife of Zeus. You both have a deep understanding of the people around you and are often sought out to bring peace and order to a situation.

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12. Pisces - Poseidon

Poseidon is the Greek God of the sea and people falling under this sign are most like him. Pisces are compassionate souls and are very kind. You have a great ability to be able to adapt to big or small changes easily. You're both calm, like the ocean but hold great powers as well.

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