What Happened When I Walked In On A Couple Having Sex…!

What Happened When I Walked In On A Couple Having Sex…!
It happened a few years ago. You know how in Southpark they keep saying, “There is a time and place for everything and that is college”? Well, we were in college and we were young, wild and free. This incident took place on the night of my birthday. My friends and I, basically just wanted to have a good time. The liquor flowed generously. It was all going fine, this was exactly what I had envisioned my birthday to be. But then…

So, before I get to what really happened, keep in mind that these are two stories together - one led to the other. Anyway, it was my birthday and all of us were having a very good drunk time, taking pictures, making videos and most importantly, making memories. There was one friend who was slightly older than the rest of us. Abhishek was tall, dark and handsome. Yes, all of it and he was extremely intelligent too. Naturally, my friend Rhea and I had a huge crush on him. I was already seeing someone, so I knew not to try anything but Rhea was single and wanted to have some fun. Well, why not? At some point during the night, Rhea and Abhishek quietly disappeared into a room. We were all busy doing vodka shots, singing songs. But then things suddenly took a quick turn. Another friend of mine, Himanshu had a thing for Rhea but only a few of us knew about this, including Rhea. Until that fateful night, we had no idea how seriously he had fallen for her. Rhea didn’t want to be with Himanshu because she felt like he couldn’t ever make a decision without my help. She felt like he was too dependent on me. While Himanshu and I were extremely close friends, I never understood what Rhea meant. When Rhea and Abhishek slid away into a room, it turns out, Himanshu had noticed.

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He grew excessively jealous and and started acting a little crazy. He constantly kept asking me if Rhea was okay, if she was going to be okay and told me to go check on her. I refused to go because, well, why would I want to look at someone having sex and why on earth would I volunteer to make all of us super awkward? But he kept persisting that I go and check on Rhea and Abhishek. He had suddenly become this annoying, party ruiner and all at once the whole environment around me went sour. The rest of my friends just asked me to go check to see if she was okay and get it over with because, quite frankly, Himanshu was getting on everyone's nerves.

Internal couple having sex

I took a deep breath, another shot of vodka and went towards the room. The door wasn’t locked (oh, how I was wishing it would be!) so I turned the lights on. I saw exactly what I had expected to see. Two naked people up against the wall (okay, so the wall bit I had not expected, the naked people I had). I was too stunned to even move but then realized there were two people having sex and I should get out as soon as possible. I turned the lights off, muttered something about the food getting cold and zoomed the hell out of the room. When I came back, Himanshu bombarded me with questions. “Is she okay?”, “What are they doing?”, “Oh my God, are they at it?”, “Tell me what you saw?”... Woah, these were too many uncomfortable and unanswerable questions all at once.

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I got really annoyed at Himanshu then. I told him that what Rhea was doing was none of his business and that he should just lay off. He stormed out of the flat then and the room just went silent. What a great birthday party it was turning out to be! We knew Himanshu just needed to cool off and thought he must have gone out for a walk. It had been an hour and he hadn’t come back and his cellphone was turned off. A friend and I decided to go look out for him. When we opened the door to head out, we found Himanshu just sitting there and crying. Heartbreak and alcohol can sometimes be such a terrible combination. So we went back in, got food for ourselves and sat with him and ate outside the door. Back inside the party had resumed and Rhea and Abhishek had joined the party like nothing had happened. Himanshu ate and cried and ate and cried, it wasn’t really a pretty sight. We decided to call it a night soon after and went to bed.

I was scarred for life that night, thanks to Himanshu, and I hope no one has to ever walk in on anyone having sex.

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