What Happened When I Played “Never Have I Ever...” With Him!

What Happened When I Played “Never Have I Ever...” With Him!
I had just met him a week ago. We hit it off so well... Which is why here we were, driving on the empty roads of Gurgaon on a Sunday evening, just talking and sharing stories. We weren't dating… we were just very obviously interested in each other. We were both taking our time with it - it had only been a week since we’d met, after all!

"Where should we go now?" he asked me, after we had done the whole Faridabad Road drive and back.

We both lived a bit far apart in the same colony, so I suggested we pick up some alcohol and go to the park next to my house. I wasn't worried about him getting home since he could just easily walk back home instead and pick up his car the next morning. The park was always empty, especially late at night, and I would be close by in case my mom decided to call.

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He loved the idea, so we set out again and stopped at the next wine shop. I told him to get a bottle of wine to share - made sense since he had a 7 a.m. meeting the next day and I had work too.

We settled down in the park and started drinking.

Internal never have I ever

There was soon a gap in the conversation when I came up with the best idea...

"Let's play ‘Never Have I Ever’!" Best drinking game for really getting to know someone, right?

He was game for anything, of course. Trying to impress me and all that. I was pretty sure I was going to find out everything behind that sweet, gentlemanly exterior soon, though.

"Ladies first," he said while handing me the bottle.

"Never have I ever kissed in the rain!" I said, thinking we might as well get started on this track.

He took back the bottle I offered and took a sip.

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And one more sip, and another sip as the game went on. Apparently, he had done almost everything I could think of. Sure, I drank at a few things too, but he was finding it exceedingly difficult to find things I had done that he hadn't.

There was one last sip left in the bottle pretty soon. He had almost given up and then thought to go with the unoriginal, "Never have I ever had sex!" I guess he thought he would have had to drink too of course (I had found that out during all the "Never have I ever had sex in a car/ bathroom/ balcony rounds) but he offered the bottle to me first anyway.

I didn't take it and didn't say anything either. Just smiled, a bit uncomfortable. This had always been a bit of an awkward revelation for any guy who had ever been interested in me.

"What, really? And you're not cheating?" He asked, a bit surprised (pleasantly so, if I dare say).

I just shook my head and he proceeded to polish off the wine.

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I might have been offended that he had assumed I wasn't a virgin, but I had come to accept that just about anybody who met me did that. It was just the way I came across - I was okay with that. If someone made a huge deal about it though - of course, it put me off a bit. Which is why I was always made sure to get this conversation out of the way with guys. Sex wasn't something that was going to come easy in any relationship I started. And I was glad he knew it now - and I didn't even have to make a big deal about it.

I was, of course, expecting a few personal questions after this. But all he asked was, "So, should I bring out the other bottle I hid in the trunk?"

P.S.: I had my first kiss in the rain with him a few months later. And a lot of other firsts too. ;-)

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