Dear Boyfriend, A Few Things I *Secretly* Want From You!

Dear Boyfriend, A Few Things I *Secretly* Want From You!
Dear boyfriend, you are amazing and every time I think of you, I can’t keep my lips from cracking into a huge smile. You make me fall in love with you all over again. At times, you go out of your way and do things just to make me happy. I’m head over heels in love with you! So here I am - revealing 10 things I really want from you but will never ask for!

1. Trust me when I say you mean the world to me

You know I speak straight from the heart, so please trust me whenever I come up with fancy words to let you know how important you are to me.

2. Drop a few unexpected texts to brighten up my day

Amidst a busy day, when I check my phone and find no calls or texts from you, I feel a bit disappointed. I know you’re busy too but try and find some time to let me know that you miss me?

2 what women want

3. Make efforts to keep us going strong…

We are a cool team already, aren’t we? But there are days when we fight and things are not quite right. On such days, please make efforts to keep us going strong. I will adore you for it.

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4. And appreciate my efforts sometimes

Trust me, I want our love to last forever and I would always make efforts to make things work between us, I promise. I would really feel happy if you take notice and appreciate my efforts at times like I promise to do yours.

4 what women want

5. Tell me the truth, ALWAYS!

I hate lies and you know it. So just don’t ever get tempted to manipulate the truth and take the help of lies. Trust me with the truth and I’ll do the same. We share a sweet bond, so why ruin it all by letting lies to creep in, right?

6. Forgive me for the times when I’m all rude and mean

Yes, I lose my cool often and end up saying mean things to you but I regret it every single time. Please forgive me for all such times? And hey, I’m really thankful to you for handling me so well when I’m at my absolute worst.

6 what women want

7. Try to accept my people with love and warmth!

My family and friends are important to me and I would love it if you try and accept them with love and warmth. Don’t get intimidated when they look at you with those judgemental eyes. They love me and will start loving you too, just give them some time.

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8. Point out my flaws

I love how you overlook my flaws and try to make feel perfect but I know sometimes it gets too much for you. So, if there’s anything that is bothering you, let me know so that I can improve on it. No, I won’t get offended, promise!

8 what women want

9. TALK to me

Yes, we talk a lot but I’m hinting at REAL conversations here. Pour your heart open to me and I would do the same. The point is to keep the communication strong and it would take care of half the issues even before they come up!

10. Love me more than you love food! :P

Too much to ask for? Okay, no I’m not going to snatch away that last bite of your favourite food...but just keep loving me like you do! <3

10 what women want

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