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What Do You Keep Secret Even From *Him*? Your Zodiac Says…

What Do You Keep Secret Even From *Him*? Your Zodiac Says…

The sky is full of stars and secrets. The secret nature of the star, however, gives every zodiac a secret to keep. Something you fear so much that you dare not admit it to anyone, not even your loved ones. Read on to know what’s that secret you are hiding...even from *him*, according to your zodiac!

1. Aries

Aries, you are a born leader and naturally, you hate losing anything. But in the battle of winning everything, you often end up losing your loved ones and that is your biggest fear. You hide your fear of losing people truly close to your heart. You consider it a weakness as people often disappear from your life because of your warrior like behaviour. You antagonize people without realizing but feel terribly guilty about it later.
1 secrets of zodiac signs

2. Taurus

Dear Tauraian, you love comfort. You like to stay in your bubble of happiness with your lifestyle intact. However, you know that your lifestyle requires money and losing that is a fear you find hard to overcome. As a Taurus, you can’t imagine being in a financially unstable situation. And if you are, you keep it a secret from the world. Because sometimes, pretence works as well as reality, right? 2 secrets of zodiac signs

3. Gemini

Gemini, you are known to have two heads. You struggle when it comes to making a decision and sticking by it. As a result of that, you often end up changing your ideas, decisions and opinions according to the people around you. You will never admit that your lack of decision making ability is the reason for the change in your personality, and it might leave you confused and lonely at times. 3 secrets of zodiac signs

4. Cancer

Cancer, you never tell your loved ones that you actually prefer some isolation in your life. You like living in your comfort zone and can be called the agoraphobic - one who fears leaving their safety net. You don’t like it when people challenge or put you out of your comfort zone . But the fact of the matter is - you don't blame your loved ones for the either, since you realize you're the one keeping them in the dark anyway. 4 secrets of zodiac signs

5. Leo

You love getting your share of attention… And also, occasionally, other’s share of attention! You can’t help it, it is in your nature. If you feel you are being ignored, you might take steps to rectify the situation. You won’t say it out loud but being the centre of all the buzz and getting the attention is actually an automated bodily response you have no control over!
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6. Virgo

Virgo, you are an organised being with a keen eye for detail. Everything for you should be perfect but more than that, you feel the need to be perfect for the world. You have a fear of imperfection that can tend to send you in a spiral of negativity. You call it being “realistic” but in actual reality, you might be hiding the fear of showing the world your own little imperfections. Your secrets are small, but they hold much bigger significance to you! 6 secrets of zodiac signs

7. Libra

You are passionate and loving, Libra. The only secret you keep from the world is that you fear nothing more than being alone. You will tell yourself that you’re doing great and can handle it on your own but being physically and emotionally alone in life takes a toll on your unlike any other sign. Even thinking about being alone puts a damper on your mood! 7 secrets of zodiac signs

8. Scorpio

Scorpion, you are dark and complex. You hide your emotions, keep them locked and don’t get too attached to people. There are majorly two reasons for this - you either fear that people will leave eventually or fear you will lose your individual spirit in any relationship. Deep down, you are very sensitive but will hardly ever accept that in front of anyone. You think of it as a weakness which is why you keep it secret!
8 secrets of zodiac signs

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you are born to roam, wild and free. You love your freedom too much for anyone to partake even a bit of it. Though you will show the world that they are free to ask anything of you, the minute they take your freedom to decide or pick, you will grow slightly negative towards them. Nothing scares you more than being "told" how to do things rather than it being the other way around. 9 secrets of zodiac signs

10. Capricorn

Capricorn, you are an ambitious, business-minded person who loves to work. Your desire to succeed in life, however, leaves you open to fresh wounds of failure that you take very harshly on yourself. You cannot deal with failure of any kind; whether it is in work, family or love and more often than not, you mistake tiny glitches as failures but never show. The is the one thing you always try to keep secret from others - even your loved ones. 10 secrets of zodiac signs Also read: What’s Your “Girlfriend” Personality? Your Zodiac Says…

11. Aquarius

Aquarians, you too, like Sagittarians, like to be free. Especially when it comes to being institutionalized - you hate it! You try not to show it as much though - you like to be viewed as someone who can adapt to anything. But whether it is in school, work or family, you cannot be trapped in a single idea or belief without a way out. You say you are doing fine, but in the long run, entrapment of any kind takes a toll on you. 11 secrets of zodiac signs

12. Pisces

Pisces, you are a creature of imagination. You freak out when you’re given responsibility. You cover up this fear by smiling, but all you are thinking is “Nope. Nope. Nope.” It could be something as simple as paying the bills! But you simply don’t want to step out of your fantasy world. You will never tell anyone when you’re feeling overwhelmed by a situation but it will show in your behaviour anyway. It's a secret you try your best to keep but end up giving away yourself too.
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Published on Sep 14, 2016
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