19 Stages Of Shaadi Outfit Shopping EVERY Bride Will Relate To!

19 Stages Of Shaadi Outfit Shopping EVERY Bride Will Relate To!
To a bride, the words “wedding dress shopping” are sacrosanct and must be spoken in all seriousness. It’s not something you just wake up and decide on. It’s a process and has many stages. Don’t believe us yet? Read on...

1. The minute you get engaged or roka’d or are “spoken for” (to be extremely archaic) – the first thing you think of is your wedding day look.

1 wedding dress shopping

2. Soon, every Indian outfit you lay your eyes on becomes potential “wedding dress” material.

3. You find yourself stalking random women on Facebook, just because you’d like to see their lehenga from every angle.

3 wedding dress shopping

4. You find yourself spending hours on wedding blogs, paying attention to every word regarding bridal wear and what’s in fashion!

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5. Bollywood movies are now watched with the sole purpose of evaluating outfits.

5 wedding dress shopping

6. You make your own Pinterest board and start referencing looks like never before.

7. After this referencing phase, you start checking out designers and boutiques, and bridal wear stores to see what you like.

7 wedding dress shopping

8. Your mind is focused on which colour suits you best and what cut agrees with your body structure.

9. You know prices and ballpark figures at the back of your hand.

9 wedding dress shopping

10. You even dream of your wedding lehenga (it’s known to happen to a lot of brides).

11. If you are on a weight loss spree, you make sure that the designer knows what size you intend on being by the time of the wedding.

11 wedding dress shopping

12. You feel like the happiest girl on earth once you find “the one”. Yes, you refer to your bridal outfit more fondly than, your fiancé.

13. The story isn’t over here; you now have to decide on the whole look.

13 wedding dress shopping

14. From the shoes to the hair to the makeup, and jewellery - these could make or break your D-Day look!

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15. You spend many hours agonizing over jhoomer or no jhoomer.

15 wedding dress shopping

16. Any spare time that is left, you think about double dupattas.

17. The shopkeeper/ designer is on your speed-dial, and is the only one who understands you at this point!

17 wedding dress shopping

18. You are only fully satisfied after a full trial has taken place, complete with shoes and jewellery.

19. And now, you may walk down the aisle!

19 wedding dress shopping

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