10 Adorable Wedding Day Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Hubby!

10 Adorable Wedding Day Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Hubby!
You’re finally starting your happily ever after. After years of dreaming of your big day, finding The One, and ups and downs of wedding planning, the day is here when you tie the knot with your dearly beloved. And to make this day all the more special, you can even gift your groom something that’s only going to make that smile on his face wider. Here’s some help in picking the perfect wedding day gift for your hubby-to-be. After all, one mustn’t forget the romance in the middle of all that wedding madness and exhaustion, right?

1. A Quick Weekend Booking

Months of action-packed wedding planning, days of wedding festivities, followed by the dreamy and romantic honeymoon – it’s one crazy roller-coaster ride, isn’t it? In comparison to this, once all this is over, the new life might just seem a tad bit dull. Booking a weekend getaway and gifting that to your new husband is the fix to this situation. At least there will be something for the two of you to look forward to!

1 wedding day gift ideas

2. Personalized Bank Cards

Now that you both are married, chances are you will be comfortable with sharing bank accounts. Open one joint account and get twin cards issued for the same. Not only is this a way to build trust and faith, but it’ll also be a wonderful feeling of being together and starting a life with one another.

3. A Coupon Box

Now, this is quite a bonus for the new husband. Fill a box with coupons for massages by you, a yummy home-cooked meal by his new wife and the like. He gets to pick one coupon from the box every day and avail the “services” that you will provide! How many coupons you want to keep in this box and what all you want to offer to your husband is completely up to you, ladies. But take it from us, he sure would like this gift and use it to the fullest!

4. For The Gaming Junkie

If you have a husband who loves his PS4 or Xbox, get him the latest one in the stores and watch the child in him come alive. His excitement will know no bounds once he sees this wedding day gift.

4 wedding day gift ideas

5. Tickets To His Fav Concert/ Match

Be it the fast-approaching Coldplay concert or watching his favourite cricket team play live, you obviously know just what he’d like. Surprise him with tickets to any such experience he’s been longing to have. He’s going to remember this one, ladies.

6. The Intimate Couples’ Spa

After the hectic wedding planning followed by the 4-5 days of festivities and functions, a couples’ spa will definitely be more than welcome. And what’s more intimate than getting a nice long massage or some hot stone therapy together? A good 3-4 hours away from the hustle-bustle and nothing but relaxation – go for this one, we suggest.

7. His Favourite Cologne

This one’s a no-brainer. Most guys love their colognes, so get him a bottle of his favourite one. Easy peasy, this.

7 wedding day gift ideas

8. An Engraved Finger Band

Yes, we have promise bands and engagement rings, but just in case you didn’t exchange the former, a band for him with something meaningful engraved on the inside of it is a great gift for the wedding day. He might not want to wear the elaborate engagement ring on a daily basis, but a simple band given by you is something he would happily wear.

9. Cufflinks With The Wedding Date

Get a simple pair of cufflinks and have your wedding date inscribed on them. He will happily use them and think of you each time he spots them in his cupboard or when he wears them. :-)

10. A Scrapbook Of Memories

Love or arranged match, you definitely have a story. Collect pictures, notes that you gave each other, wrappers of the first chocolate you shared and whatever else memorabilia you can get your hands on and make a cutesy scrapbook with it all. Something he will keep and cherish forever, isn’t it?

10 wedding day gift ideas

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