11 Sweet, Thoughtful Ways To Thank Your Guests After The Shaadi

11 Sweet, Thoughtful Ways To Thank Your Guests After The Shaadi
The wedding madness is over and now it is time to thank all your friends and family for joining you on your special day and adding to the celebration. Without them, your wedding would have been incomplete, and now it is time to thank each one for them for being there for you.

1. When To Say It

It is essential to thank your guests at the right time. Once you are back from your honeymoon, get started with this process. Split up yours and your husband’s list of guests, and start planning to thank them individually.

1 thank all your guests

2. Keep It Personal

Make sure to add a personal note in your own handwriting to every gift/ letter you send your guests. This would make your guests feel extremely special.

3. A Small Gift

It could be something small, but make sure you get something which can be personalized. Add your own and your husband’s initials or your wedding date. This way your guests will always have a memory of your wedding.

3 thank all your guests

4. Social Media Specials

This is not a personalized way of saying thank you, although you can use it initially before you send out a personalized note to your guests. Put a sweet message thanking your friends and family who came especially for your wedding to bless you both as a couple.

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5. Pamper Them

Your immediate family, cousins and bridesmaids went through the maximum stress during your wedding planning. They even handled your mood swings and bridezilla moments! Thus, they deserve some special pampering. Gift your parents a small weekend getaway, and give your cousins and friends vouchers for some body massages or retail therapy!

5 thank all your guests

6. Wedding-Themed Thank You Cards

Pick out a thank you card which is in sync with your wedding card. Write a personalized message as a couple to all your guests.

7. A Couple Video

Make a sweet dubsmash or boomerang video as a couple and put it up on social media or send your friends and family a copy of the same on their phones. This would probably be one of the most fun ways to thank everyone and bring a smile on everyone’s face.

7 thank all your guests

8. Send A Memory

Choose a picture with every guest and add a special note telling them how much you appreciated their presence. Let them know that without them, your wedding would have been incomplete.

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9. Postcards

Buy postcards from your honeymoon destination in bulk and use them as thank you cards. Your friends and family will surely fall in love with this gesture of yours.

9 thank all your guests

10. A Photo Shoot

Like you did a pre-wedding shoot or a “save the date” shoot, do a “thank you” shoot too.  You could hold a thank you placard, have a sweet message on a chalkboard or even use sparklers to write “thank you.”

11. Don’t Forget Anyone

Apart from your friends and family, there were some other people too who were an important part of your wedding - your wedding vendors. Don’t forget to thank your wedding planner, makeup artist, photographer and decorator as they are the ones who made your wedding a success!

11 thank all your guests

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