10 Not-So-Obvious Ways To Seduce That Cute Guy From College!

10 Not-So-Obvious Ways To Seduce That Cute Guy From College!
College is that magical phase of life which gives you complete freedom to follow your heart. Oh okay, so you like that cute guy from college? And have no idea how to get his attention? Well, here are 10 ways to change that. Read on to know these not-so-obvious ways to seduce that cute guy you just can’t stop drooling over. We wish you luck!

1. Amp up your confidence level

He ain’t going to notice you if you’re busy hiding away. You surely need to gather all your confidence so that you can go out there and be a sweet seductress!  

1 cute guy from college

2. Bump into him, occasionally…

Once in a while, hop over to the place where he’s chilling with his group of friends or just walk casually towards the corridor where he’s waiting to submit that assignment and say hi. Don’t let him feel that you’re doing this on purpose! *wink*

3. But don’t chase him like a mad lover!

No, do not follow him when he goes to the canteen...or to the library...just stop following him wherever he goes! Yes, we know that you want to see him more often but that doesn’t mean you turn into a chaser - it would creep him out! And you have to leave room for him to do a bit of chasing too!

3 cute guy from college

4. Look presentable

No, we’re not asking you to put on fancy clothes and smear your face with makeup! Dressing smartly and paying attention to your personal hygiene is what we’re hinting at here. Not having ketchup stains on your tee and smelling nicer than everyone else in class does make a difference, trust us!

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5. Stalk him up on social media platforms…

Just to know him a bit better! And by no means do we encourage stalking, but looking up his interests and likes on Facebook is totally okay - can you imagine how much easier it'll be to strike up a conversation with him about something he enjoys?

5 cute guy from college

6. Eye contact is important!

When it comes to cute flirting, let your eyes do the talking. Don’t shy away from maintaining eye contact with him whenever you get a chance to do so. It will not only reflect your confidence but will also send across all the right signals to him.

7. Take help from trusted common friends!

You both have common connections? Great! Put those connections to some good use, but make sure they are trustworthy. Ask one of your common friends to plan a gathering and send him an invite maybe?! But if you do not have common friends, fret not, just focus on other ways!

7 cute guy from college

8. Walk up to him and strike a conversation...

It won’t be as awkward as it sounds right now, trust us. Guys like when girls make the first move - so just remind yourself how awesome you are and walk up to him to start a casual conversation.

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9. Humour Him

Guys love, love, LOVE girls who have great sense of humour and have something witty and funny to say at all times. Crack a joke or give humorous replies, but just be yourself while doing all of this!

9 cute guy from college

10. Make him feel wanted…

Let your lips crack into a sweet smile every now and then when you see him, or just throw a subtle compliment at him. He would pick up the hints and would start reciprocating if he likes you too!

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