10 Ways You Can Train Your Mind To Think More Positively

10 Ways You Can Train Your Mind To Think More Positively
The world is full of terror and it isn’t easy to always stay sane. Even in everyday life, be it at home or at your workplace, life can get heavy and demanding. Most times when the stress gets to us we break down and cry. A lot of this stress can also be triggered by negative thoughts. It’s impossible to always think positively about everything but it isn’t hard to train your mind to think in a more optimistic manner. Follow these steps to keep those negative thoughts at bay!

1. Find a feel-good quote for each day

The internet is teeming with many motivational and inspirational quotes. Pick one each day and make it your mantra for the day and dwell on it. Focus on what the quote is actually trying to say to you and push yourself towards thinking in a positive light.

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2. Be thankful

There is so much you ought to be grateful about everyday. The fact that you are alive and you get to see the world is in fact, a beautiful thing. Count your blessings. Always remember that you have it way better than so many people! Give a small thanks for every blessing as you start your day!

3. Remember the tough times

When a negative thought forms in your mind, don’t let it settle there. Fight it back with willpower. Look back at how you’ve overcome so many adversities and how you came out of it stronger and wiser. Negative thoughts will come often but you have to fight them away with positive thoughts about your strength.

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4. Keep track of these negative thoughts

Observe and pay attention to what is triggering these negative thoughts. Keep a note of when it happens, how it comes about. Once you know what the cause behind these negative thoughts is, avoid things that cause it. Instead, find healthy, more positive alternatives that will give you better thoughts and a better outlook on life.

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5. Accept things as they are

Sometimes there is no way you can change things. No matter how hard you try, you may never find the answer to some things or you may never reach your goals. Let this not bring you down or make you feel like you’re lost. Accept what has happened with grace and move on.

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6. Play Tetris

Yes, it’s an actual thing and it’s called “The Tetris Effect”. Studies have shown that playing Tetris can harness the brain’s plasticity. The more you play, the better you get at it. This shows that the brain is now wired to create positive patterns. In tetris, after a few tries you know where to place different types of blocks. Life...isn't all that different.

7. Take care of yourself

Your general well-being has a huge role to play in your thought process. Eat healthy meals on time, sleep enough, exercise, read a good book, stay away from your computer for a few hours daily. These little things can make a lot of difference in the long run.

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8. Surround yourself with optimistic people

Thoughts can be contagious and the more you spend your time with negative people, the more likely you are to develop similar thoughts and feelings.

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9. Keep a self-help journal

Whenever you are feeling low, write it down. It can be quite relieving. However, with every new day, make it a point to also work on how you are feeling. Add in a good thought, or what went well that day along with the negative stuff. In time you will realize that you have been writing more about the good stuff, than the bad.

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10. Keep yourself busy

The saying “An empty mind is a devil’s workshop”, is very true. If you are constantly busy or engaged in some form of productive activity then your mind can’t find the time or space for negative thoughts. Find what you like doing and focus on it or simply discover new things to keep your mind occupied.

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