10 Sweet Ways To Make Your Dad Feel Special At Your Shaadi!

10 Sweet Ways To Make Your Dad Feel Special At Your Shaadi!
A daughter’s first love is always her father! He has always been there for you and has always been your rock solid support. There is nothing in the world that he hasn’t done for you, and now when you are getting married, we have a few ideas to honour the first man in your life. It is your turn now to make him feel special.

1. Capture the first look moment

The first time your father sees you dressed up as a bride, would surely be a special moment. Ask your photographer to capture it on camera. This photo would be treasured forever.

1 honour your dad

2. Design his clothes

He made your Sabyasachi lehenga dream come true but there would be nothing more special for your dad than have his daughter design and style his clothes for the wedding. It could be a simple tie pin or a boutonniere. You could also design a special “safa” for him which he would wear on your wedding day.

3. Dedicate a speech to him

Draft a thank you speech for your dad and read it aloud to him during the course of the function. Thank him for all that he has done for you, for his teachings. Tell the world about the precious moments you two have shared and also let him know that no matter what, you will always be his little girl.

3 honour your dad

4. A photo shoot with daddy dearest

Ask your photographer to do a special father-daughter photo shoot. You could also use some props and funny quotes like, “Jaa Simran jaa, jee le apni zindagi”.

Collect photos from this photo shoot and also a few of your childhood pictures with him, compile them into an album and gift it to your dad.

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5. Don’t forget your parents during the wedding madness

It is natural for everyone to go crazy running around during all the wedding preparations but take out time for your parents and let them know what they mean to you.

5 honour your dad

6. Wear an item of his on the special day

Add a piece of his cloth to your wedding dress. Take a patch of his shirt and stitch it onto your wedding outfit. This gesture would make him feel extremely special.

7.  Calm him down

As the father of the bride, he will be stressing too much, hoping everything goes off smoothly at your wedding. Make sure you gift him a spa voucher once the wedding is over or a weekend getaway. He will definitely need some relaxation time.

7 honour your dad

8.  Father-daughter dance

Before having the first dance with your husband, dance with your father. Let it be a surprise for him. Organise it well with your DJ to play a special song. He will always be your first love, so let him know that.

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9.  Walk down the aisle with him

One of the best ways to show the world who’s been the one who has always been your strength. Walk with one of the most important men in your life towards another important man of your life. This is one of the most beautiful expressions of a father-daughter bond.

9 honour your dad

10. Let him know he is priceless

No matter what you do, you will never be able to thank him enough for all that he has done for you. Just remember to let him know that you would always remain his daughter and that marriage will not change anything. Remind him every single day how much you love him!

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